5 different types of shirts

5 different types of shirts

All of us like to dress up. Every day we try to look different and unique through the clothes we wear and how we style them. The pressure of deciding an outfit often gets difficult for boys as they have very little knowledge about their clothing. You will see them wearing the same style shirt but of different colors each day. This is the time they get to know about different shirts categories and styles. We want to tell you to read about it below.

Jersey shirt

What comes to your mind when someone says jersey? The majority of the people prefer this word with a uniform that athletes wear. We are grateful to be living in a world of creativity and innovation where we are allowed to think outside the box. So in fashion, this word refers to a stretchy fabric material used to make jersey t-shirts. They are super comfortable and soft to wear, and the material is of supreme quality. You also look very classy in it. 


When it comes to looking fabulous and trendy, sweatshirts are the best option. It is a wide collarless pullover garment with long sleeves composed of a thick warm, and absorbent material, such as wool. People demand different designs of sweatshirts. Companies like Juice Wrld Merch fulfill this demand of customers by giving uniquely designed sweatshirts in the market. Wear this shirt any day and give a vibe check to people. 

Polo shirts

There is always this one shirt in a boy’s closet that can be a go-to shirt for every kind of occasion. The Polo shirt is the one that matches the above description. With the correct pairings and accessories, you can wear them all year. A polo shirt has a collar with three buttons attached to its placket neckline. They are more fitted than golf shirts and are shorter-sleeved. Whether you tuck or untuck, it never fails to make you look good. 

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Aloha shirt

You have planned a day out with your friends to go to the beach on a hot summer day. Which type of shirt will go best as per the day? The answer is an Aloha shirt. On a beach where you will experience winds blowing your hair and while standing in the middle of the water, a colorful printed shirt will match the vibe of the beach. An aloha shirt is beautifully designed and should be worn on beaches. The island staples like hibiscus, flowers, and palm trees on these shirts make you look trendy on a beach day. It is worn untucked and is easily carried.  

Tuxedo/ Formal Shirt

For a guy who is getting ready for a formal event, the first thing he will pick for himself to wear is 3 piece suit. Among all of them, a tuxedo suit gives a classy look to the person. Under this suit, a shirt is worn named as a tuxedo shirt. This shirt is typically worn with bow ties and formal ties. So you should wear a tuxedo suit at a formal event. 

There is a shirt for all occasions. All that need is the confidence to pull off the look you have styled yourself in. This article has given an essential guide about the different types of shirts a guy can wear.


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