What Happens When You Combine Ambien With Alcohol?

Ambien and alcohol

What happens when you mix ambien (the “zombie pill”) with alcohol? Many people do this to fall into a deep sleep when they are unable to fall asleep otherwise. Little do they know that they are risking their life.

Why you mustn’t combine ambien and alcohol?

New Mexico drug rehab specialists warn against ambien and alcohol combination. It can be lethal.

Ambien is a central nervous system suppressant. So is alcohol. When both come together, they can bring your heart rate, breathing, and brain activity to dangerously low levels. You can even lose consciousness.

If you overdose on this combo, you may not even wake up ever again. Your brain activity becomes so slow it is almost close to being dead or dead.

Ambien and alcohol both are addictives

Doctors prescribe ambien for the short term, not more than a week. This is due to its highly addictive properties. It is habit-forming. Many people are said to develop ambien addiction during prescription.

Taking alcohol with ambien adds fuel to the fire. Now you are at the risk of developing double addiction, which can be more powerful, riskier, and tougher to deal with.

Alcohol aggravates the brain-altering effects of ambien. It deepens your addiction. It’s like inviting a health disaster.

What happens when you take ambien and alcohol together?

Both drugs together can leave you feeling confused and disoriented. In this confused state, it is easy to have more ambien pills or take an extra drink. This can increase the risk of overdose. You don’t actually know what you are doing.

Continued use of ambien and alcohol together can permanently damage your liver, respiratory system, and cognitive ability.

This is not all. The hangover you experience the next day is double. Ambien, alone, can impair your psycho-motor skills such as driving, walking, climbing stairs, and others. Combined with alcohol, your skills go haywire. It increases the risk of road accidents and falls.

What if you can’t stop taking this deadly combo?

If you are unable to stop taking this combination every night, please search for “rehab near me”. You urgently need a thorough rehab program to come out of this addictive stage. Ignoring this situation is perilous.

Every night, when you take ambien and alcohol together, you risk yourself facing death. You are lucky to wake up the next morning. But do not depend on your luck every night. This is a dangerous combination, which can, at any night, go wrong.

As per a report released by Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), around 57 percent of ambien overdose cases in emergency rooms are those that involve combining this sleeping pill with alcohol or another drug.

Do not hesitate to call the drug addiction hotline.

No matter how severe your addiction is, a proper drug rehab program in Lawrence, MA, can help you overcome it. Please do not attempt to De-addict without expert help. Both ambien and alcohol produce intense withdrawal symptoms. And because you take them together, you may feel worse symptoms.

Let rehab experts handle your addiction. But, it all starts with your willpower. Are you ready?


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