Avinash Gupta (Sukhdev Vihar) Bio | Noise Pollution Expert

Avinash Gupta (Sukhdev Vihar) Bio | Noise Pollution Expert

If you are not worried due to noise pollution around you then you are really lucky. In a few moments, we are going to share what Avinash Gupta has to say about noise pollution and how this issue is impacting the people in Sukhdev Vihar. Before getting started with the horrific realities of noise pollution by Avinash Gupta in Sukhdev Vihar, we need to know what this hype about noise pollution is.

Horrors of Noise Pollution by Avinash Gupta

As per Avinash Gupta, noise pollution is one of the biggest problems in our society. It prevents people from being able to sleep and it causes people to become stressed. It’s hard for children in schools because they have to work harder just to try to get over the noise that they’re experiencing.

Noise pollution can be both external and internal. Not only Avinash Gupta of Sukhdev Vihar thinks about it but every other citizen is equally affected by the noise pollution. Internal noise pollution is something that happens when you’re getting pressured by yourself, a family member, or someone else who won’t leave your thoughts alone so you can think straight (for example: worrying about your job). External noise pollution is when someone or something is making too much noise so that you cannot think straight.

You cannot control the Damage

Most people think that they can control the noise that they’re experiencing, but a lot of people are wrong. Avinash Gupta shared that noise pollution is the real issue that needs to be resolved immediately. Furthermore, Avinash Gupta shared that the public needs to be active about these issues. You cannot control external noise pollution and if you try to do anything about it then it will be worse. The best thing that you can do is to leave the source of all the noise alone because you are not going to be able to help yourself and your negative thoughts will only get bigger if you spend time there.

Avinash Gupta said that you need to think about how much stress and worry has occurred in your life due to external noise pollution this year. If you think about what situation caused you the most stress, then it can help you cope with upcoming situations even though the source of noise is not there.

Noise pollution impacts everyone’s ability to enjoy quiet time. Avinash Gupta not only highlighted the issue but also asked the society to work for the solutions. It disturbs your sleep, which increases your risk for health problems and mental health issues. Noise pollution is a social issue; it affects the quality of life as well as safety and productivity in our housing, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

Noise can also be a nuisance to those who have to work with it. It can be annoying, irritating, and distract people from their work. For example, noise levels cause people to lose concentration or need breaks.

The noise levels are high because of the cars that are on the road and the air conditioners that are running. Air conditioners are very loud and they get louder as they heat up. Not only Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar but everyone needs to contribute towards the betterment of society.

Health Damage due to Noise Pollution

Avinash Gupta views clearly mention the great health damage caused by noise pollution. If suggestions and recommendations by Avinash Gupta for Sukhdev Vihar are not taken seriously, things will be out of hand pretty soon.

Noise pollution may actually be more dangerous than polluted air and water. It affects people’s health in a number of ways, including sleep disturbances, hypertension, and hearing loss.

The term “noise” is used to describe the unwanted sound that disturbs the peace and the silence in our communities. Avinash Gupta also shared similar views about the situation in the colony. Avinash Gupta said that noise can also cause other problems like stress or difficulties with learning, which can lead to problems in school or on the job. In fact, recent studies have shown that noise pollution may be more dangerous than polluted air and water because of its impact on people’s health.

In addition to affecting people’s lives, noise can also cause stress, nervousness, lack of sleep, and hearing loss. People around Avinash Gupta are experiencing the same issues. Stress and sleep disturbances can eventually lead to hypertension (high blood pressure) or other health problems like heart disease or depression. Noise may even affect learning abilities in school or at work. Hearing loss from exposure to loud sounds is irreversible.

The situation of Noise Pollution in India

Avinash Gupta explained that the Noise Pollution (Management and Control) Rules, 1986, have been notified by the Central Government and are applicable throughout the country. The National Pollution Control Board is entrusted with the enforcement of these rules.

India has several noise control laws that regulate activities from industrial plants to construction sites. The noise control regime in India is enforced through a series of Noise Pollution Rules that provide guidelines regarding permissible noise levels in manufacturing, construction, transportation, and entertainment areas.

These rules are based on international standards as well as national guidelines set by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Appropriate pollution control technology for manufacturing industries like paper mills or steel plants can be applied only with approval from the CPCB. Similar approval is required for any construction project.

The rules mandate the need for consultation with the local community and an assessment of noise levels by a consultant. The rules also state that necessary noise mitigation measures such as buffering walls, which are subject to a maximum permissible noise level of 70 decibels (dB) in residential areas. The rules also list other mitigating measures like decibel reduction and installation of sound-absorbing materials like acoustic tiles or materials-decoupled windows.

Avinash Gupta said that a public hearing must be conducted before approval of proposed projects, especially under construction projects where the provisions of Section 2(h)(iv) are applicable and impact on public health and wellbeing must be evaluated before granting consent Know Shunt.


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