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Aviator glasses

Aviator sunglasses: Never go out of style

Do you like aviator sunglasses? Do you know the history of aviator sunglasses? Do you know that aviator sunglasses are no longer for men, but women are also wearing these glasses with great dignity and style?

Well, aviator glasses are quite famous among people. These glasses were usually worn by men. It has been quite a long time since the invention of aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses were developed by a group of American firms and were originally produced by the brand Ray-Ban. But now several brands are producing these sunglasses with more creative designs and upgraded versions and are also available as prescription sunglasses.


Aviator sunglasses were made in such a way that they were intended to wear under headgear and were identified as dark and reflective lenses, made of titanium and steel with double or triple bridges. These glasses are more secured behind the ears and are flexible and easy to wear. The lenses are not flat but slightly convex which gives them a teardrop shape.

These glasses are very flexible and cover most parts of the face. They cover the face in such a way that it restricts most of the light from entering the eyes and also protects the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Since the glasses are larger in size, these are helpful for all, and men used to wear these glasses. 

But in the 21st century, women are also wearing these glasses and are slaying in them. The difference between aviator sunglasses for men and women is that the sizes of the glasses are smaller in the case of women than men. The reason is because of the shape and structure of women and the smaller size glasses suit women the best.

These glasses were also known as pilot glasses since they were worn by the navy, army, and pilots to guide people in various directions.

Aviator sunglasses variations

Aviator sunglasses were made differently for different people. The first type of sunglasses was worn by U.S military officials in the 1930s. Slowly and steadily, these glasses were recreated in the late 30s and finally were made in 1941. These types of glasses were different from the first type of aviator glasses. These were made exclusively for the sailors and pilots. The glasses were produced in huge numbers. They had a specified number of lenses because of the identification and better view of their profession.

There was only one brand, Ray-Ban only used to produce the aviator sunglasses and the aviator sunglasses were one of the identifications of both aviator sunglasses and the brand Ray-Ban. But now other eyewear brands are also producing aviator sunglasses. One can visit Specscart’s Instagram page to explore the various collections of aviator glasses. They have various styles of aviator sunglasses and a variety of options to choose from.

Aviator sunglasses are available in different sizes and sometimes in different structures. The modern aviator sunglasses are super cool and flexible. They are suitable for almost every outfit, especially for men. 

The modern aviator sunglasses are available in different tints, from dark to light. These aviator sunglasses have double, single, triple, and no bridge. They are available in various versions full-rimmed, half-rimmed and rimless. They are made of different materials and are made more comfortable for people to wear these glasses.

Not only sunglasses, but aviators are also available in glasses. One loves to choose aviator glasses for their daily fashion look. These aviators are also strong, flexible, and comfortable, unlike sunglasses. Aviator glasses are also available in all variations making them dynamic and versatile.

Though the modern aviators are of the same shape as the aviators, there are minute design changes in the glasses, yet give the same meaning and outline these glasses.

Since men do not hold the owner card of the aviator glasses anymore, women are equally holding the place with their unique style of the aviator glasses. Different tints look amazing on the aviator glasses one looks stylish wearing these pairs of glasses. 

Aviator sunglasses have always remained the top choice for men. No matter how many styles of sunglasses are made and discovered, the aviator pairs will never go out of style. These are one such sunglasses that are worn by all age groups and are fit for every occasion.

Whether you are a professional and go out in the sun every day and need sunglasses, or you are a college student who needs to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, the aviators are fit for all and every mood. 

Style out with the aviators and we are sure that you will never go unnoticed by your fellow mates and colleagues.


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