Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Hobart Australia

Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Hobart Australia

Before visiting Hobart, the largest city in Tasmania, there are a few things that you should know before you go. Plan your trip ahead with information about the airport, places to stay, and the restaurants that appeal to you the most. Learning about the city and its surroundings before you travel can help to make the most of your vacation. 


As the second oldest of the capital cities of Australia, Hobart has a deep history that is still evident and visible throughout the city. The cobblestone streets are a throwback to when the city was built, and the culture is woven throughout the buildings and the sites. With both old, traditional art displays as well as galleries with modern art and new artists, the city offers a balanced approach with something for everyone. 


With the Hobart airport only 20 minutes up the highway, the location is easy to access, and the road leads directly from the airport to the city, with a bus service and taxi that runs into the city. Rental cars are waiting to add to your trip, and when you don’t want to fly, Hobart fits easily into any planned road trip in the area. When traveling Tasmania, it is often found that using a car rental is the easiest and most convenient way to get from place to place. Once you arrive in town, walking is easiest for local transportation. Each area of the city is easily accessible by walking, and it can be a relaxing wander for a day or two. Public transportation is available and accessible, taking you anywhere within the city that you wish to see. Both buses and fairies are available to help you see the entire city and the surrounding waters. 

Where to stay

There are many locations to stay in in hotels that will offer the best of the city or views of the beaches, depending on your own preference. From low-cost chain hotels to upscale hotels with the comfortable accommodation in Hobart that people have come to expect from a hotel, there is a hotel for everyone. For a more secluded and quiet stay, choose one of the locations on the outskirts, or choose a short-term hotel apartment that will allow you to make your own meals and set your own schedule. 

Where to Eat

If you are looking for an immersive experience of the best foods and beverages, the food and wine festival Taste of Tasmania offers the best of each. This festival occurs every summer and is a great reason to plan a vacation and stay in Hobart. Year-round services are available at the many local bars and restaurants. Offerings include everything from a bar and grill to restaurants built with the view in mind, observatories, and casinos. Try a new place every day of your visit, and you will be sure to find your new favorite coffee shop or lunch spot. 



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