It’s makeover time with the new Hybrid Flooring

It’s makeover time with the new Hybrid Flooring

As the most recent innovation in flooring, hybrid floors are a massive hit in Australia and worldwide. Hybrid flooring is the most recent development in flooring and is completely waterproof. This flooring became a simple choice for houses where carefree living is prioritised because of the surge in open plan living. Laminate Floating Floors and Luxury Vinyl Planks can be combined into one lasting and cost-effective flooring option.

This flooring is trendy because it combines the most significant laminate and vinyl plank carpeting features and can be put over existing floors.

Moreover, all rooms of the house, bathroom, laundry, and kitchen, can be equipped with this flooring.

The advantages of this flooring

As previously said, this flooring consists of four distinct layers. For this flooring option to stand up to so many demands, it must have numerous components. A look just at the advantages of this flooring system is in order:

Less expansion and contraction is possible.

Standard vinyl flooring was vulnerable to temperature fluctuations in the past. As a result, wood and tile were prone to swelling when exposed to extremes of heat and cold, resulting in uneven floors and expensive repairs. This flooring is made to resist rapid temperature fluctuations with minimal elastic deformation to protect you from these dangers.

Waterproof to the fullest extent possible

This flooring combines the most significant features of both rubber and laminate, making it entirely waterproof. For the first time, you don’t have to worry about swelling or splitting when installing wood-look flooring in damp areas like the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry.

Wear-resistant and long-lasting

The durability of hybrid flooring has indeed been considered in its design. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your floors being damaged by heavy foot traffic or active children.

Beautiful woodsy appearance

Adding a decorative layer to this cutting-edge floor covering gives it a realistic wood look at a fifth of the price.

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Installation and expense of hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring installation, which we haven’t discussed in this post, is one of the essential advantages of this flooring. You don’t need prior experience installing this flooring, perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.

Which rooms in my house may I use this product in?

It is typical for them to be installed in kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms because of their water resistance.

Bathrooms prone to flooding will necessitate adhesive to keep water from seeping in.

To the user’s delight, a Hybrid floor eliminates the discomfort of sitting on a cold, hard ceramic tile floor for long periods.

Because of its excellent thermal properties, youngsters can use them all year round for lounging and playing.

The different layers:

One of the most critical aspects of the top layer is the transparent coating that protects hybrid floors from damage caused by impact, stain and scratches.

In the print layer, you’ll see your design come to life with the use of cutting-edge printing technology. The aesthetic of surfaces including hardwood, tile, concrete, or marble can be replicated with hybrid flooring.

Hybrid floors can be made to seem substantial and resist rapid temperature fluctuations thanks to a composite called core board. Both Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) are composite materials produced from limestone, polyvinylidene (PVC), and stabilising agents. In general, WPC floors are thicker and more pleasant, but they are also more expensive.

The majority of hybrids floors also have an acoustic underlay, which enhances comfort, reduces noise, and removes the need for extra underlayment.


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