Smart Gadgets Disguised As Home Security Measures

Smart Gadgets

Smart technology has changed a lot of things whether it is to do with our lifestyles, with businesses or just with how the world works now. Smart products are everywhere, from gadgets like smartphones and smart TVs to a whole other category that caters to smart homes and smart kitchens. 

While smart technology and smart gadgets are great for the convenience they bring forth into our daily lives, like providing remote and wireless access, automation around the home and energy efficiency – what we overlook is the security factor. Smart gadgets in fact are great to use for home security measures considering how reasonably priced and long term they work. 

Here are 3 smart home gadgets that can easily serve the purpose of securing your homes.

  1. Video Doorbell 

Something that’s quite subtle, a video doorbell camera is what you should install at your front doors and gates. These smart gadgets are much better and of course smarter than a regular video intercom system.

Video doorbells feature a sleek, small design that looks like a modern doorbell. Harmless right? That’s exactly what it should seem like. This little device is built with a camera that covers a wide-angle on all fronts – vertical and horizontal. That means you can see whoever is standing outside from head to toe, and not an obstructed view that you would otherwise see in an ordinary video intercom. The video quality is crisp, HD and bright even after dark hours so you can see clearly. 

So here’s the best part about these smart video doorbells, these devices feature their own respective mobile applications that allow you to have remote and wireless access to the device. With its two-way audio feature, you could be standing in the grocery store and speak to whoever is at your door directly from your smartphone, or you could be standing in your own kitchen, it doesn’t matter. That is because distance doesn’t matter – which also means you can answer your doorbell while you’re in another state altogether!

These devices feature built-in motion sensors that send in real-time alerts, not just when someone rings the bell but even when they don’t and step within the set perimeter that triggers an alert. Real-time alerts are then sent to your mobile devices that can get a hold of your attention when needed. 

  1. Smart Door Lock

Much like all smart devices, smart door locks use Wi-Fi connectivity to stay connected to your wireless devices. They are controlled via mobile apps and certain variants also feature a small keypad for you to punch in your personalized code to unlock the door. Here’s how smart door locks serve as a great security measure.

Considering smart door locks are controlled via mobile apps, that means you get 24/7 access to your door from practically wherever you are. You can unlock the door for friends and family while you’re away, you can check the lock status of your door at any point of the day, and you can even set schedules for your door to lock automatically at a specific time at night so you are assured that the house is locked even if you forgot to do it yourself.

Those that have keypads to unlock the door can let you generate temporary codes to let your friends and family in while you’re not home, and some smart locks also use location tracking to automatically lock and unlock themselves depending on whether you’re coming home or heading out. 

  1. Smart Camera

People almost always opt for surveillance cameras whenever they want to beef up security at their residences. Smart cameras are what you need for today, because not only are these cameras available for outdoors but indoors as well.

Smart cameras use Wi-Fi connectivity to keep you connected to your home at all times – with their HD video feed viewable straight from your smartphones, tablets and laptops. The live video feed can be backed onto Cloud storage to rewind and view for later as well but generally smart cameras do have a 24-hour window for you to rewind and view the footage. This is perfect in case you need some proof due to an unfortunate incident within your premises or vicinity.   

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Similar to video doorbells, smart cameras also feature motion detection and send alerts anytime someone or something comes within the camera view while you’re away from your wireless device. These cameras also feature two-way audio so you can scare off an intruder just in the nick of time. 

Smart gadgets will always be hailed for the smart technology that they are built with, but you should know that you can make these devices work in your favor and serve as a protective measure for your home and family. The above-mentioned smart gadgets are reasonably priced and are more long-term solutions as opposed to contractual alarm systems, fences, etc. that can be more costly than these devices combined. 

Buying these gadgets will be an investment into your home for its future and safety. So if you’re looking to get any for your home, head on over to today and get some great deals for Smart Cameras, Smart Door Locks and Video Doorbells. 


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