Top corporate team-building activities you need to know

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A team with a great bond is likely to succeed in the long run. Excellent teams produce better outcomes for the company. Often the team spirit is not instant but made with conscious effort. In a strong team, team members influence each other and bring the best out of them. Let’s check some corporate team building in Singapore activities. 

White Board Challenge

A whiteboard challenge effectively strengthens verbal, attentive, and teamwork bonds. It can be done in small teams. Only 2 small groups are required for the activity. You need a large whiteboard, marker, paper, and duster. Follow the below steps to know how the whiteboard challenge works. This activity is played in corporate team building in Singapore.

  • Draw a simple illustration on paper (like some shape).
  • Split all members into 2 teams and make them sit on opposite sides facing the board.
  • Draw a line down in the center of the board.
  • One member from each group goes to the board and draws. While the other team has to accept a folded piece of paper.
  • One team member needs to describe the illustration, and others need to try to draw it.

Zen Counting

This activity develops mindfulness, respect, and patience. Gather your team in a quiet, comfortable space. Now follow the steps:

  • The whole team needs to sit, making a circle and facing each other. 
  • Team members should successfully count to the same number as people participating in the game. 
  • They are not supposed to talk while the game goes on.
  • If they do, then the count goes back again to one.

The zen counting activity helps workers use unique skills. The team can’t communicate in this game through facial or verbal expressions. It may take several attempts to hit the goal. Thus team members learn how to slow down, believe, and co-operate with each other. 

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2 Truths and 1 Lie

This one is perfect for a new team. It helps people get to know one another. Participants can come out of their shells and mingle comfortably. 

  • Every player tells 2 true things about themselves. They can also tell a lie.
  • The lie should sound realistic enough to pass the truth.
  • The truth should be exciting and something nobody knows. 
  • Team members guess which one of the three is a lie.

Whose Fact is It Anyway! 

It is an easy, fun activity that helps to build a strong team spirit. Here you allow team members to use their critical thinking while learning more about each other. Gather the team together and follow the steps:

  • Ask every mate to write down a fun fact about themselves, giving them an index card.
  • Collect the cards from them in a bowl or bucket.
  • Draw the cards one by one and read out loud the facts.
  • Let the team member guess which fact belongs to whom. 
  • This can prove how well they know their co-workers.


Team spirit is not an instant thing. It takes time and process to know each other. The above games are played in corporate team building in Singapore. The aim is to nurture good bonding and friendliness among co-workers. So that you can build a strong and positive work culture.Corporate jobs are demanding. That is why fun activities like these help to keep the vibration and team spirit high. 


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