Your Guide To More Fun And Productive Reading Experience

Your Guide To More Fun And Productive Reading Experience

One of the most productive pastime activities that you can adopt is reading. A regular habit of reading can go a long way in helping you grow as a human being. I have been an avid reader since childhood and the experience has been truly amazing up till now.

Recently, I faced a decline in my reading productivity due to some problems with my eyesight. I could not continue with my reading beyond a couple of hours as my vision would start to get blurry as soon as I exceeded this timeframe. 

On being advised for a pair of reading glasses from an optician, I headed online to look for them. I didn’t know that buying vision glasses online was so simple. My search for an ideal pair ended in a pair of stylish cat-eye frames and ever since I have possessed them, my reading has not only got more productive but also more stylish. 

Based on my experience, here are some tips that you too can inculcate in your reading journey to make it all the more fun and exciting. Let’s get started!

Setting practical goals

Setting goals for reading is a great practice, but we also need to be practical here. While setting our goals and targets, many of us tend to go overboard with them by making it practically impossible to achieve. This actually does more harm than good as it demotivates us to strive for better.

Obviously, your goals should be challenging and require considerable effort. But, just make sure that they are practical.

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Experimenting with multiple genres

You must be having your favourite genres. At times, sticking to the same set of limited genres might get boring. This is the reason why you should keep your reading broad by trying out different genres. Who knows you might find something that goes on to become one of your new favourites?

Keeping your reading focussed on broad areas not only makes your reading more fun but also gives you various new perspectives and adds to your knowledge.

Reading glasses

I have already talked about my amazing experience with reading glasses. If you too are facing issues with your vision, it is high time you buy a pair of reading glasses. Even if all is well, reading glasses can still be helpful in avoiding future complications. 

Over the online medium, you will find a wide range of collections, at prices that are pocket-friendly. From the vintage round glasses to the modern-day clear frames, from the playful oversized frames to the decent rectangular glasses, and the list goes on. If your requirement is urgent, you can try out next day glasses in the UK. This ensures that you get your pair within 24 hours of you placing the order.

Creating a facilitative environment

Reading is not just any normal pastime activity. It is something that requires focus, although the amount varies from genre to genre. Although there are certain factors that are not under your control, you can definitely control the kind of environment in which you read.

A surrounding that is peaceful and calm can go a long way in helping you make the most out of your reading. When it comes to conditions like light, it would be great if you can find a spot where natural light is available. However, there is nothing wrong with artificial light. You just need to ensure that it is neither too bright nor too dim. 

To minimise the impact of noise, you can choose to read at that time of the day when noise is naturally available in negligible amounts. I personally prefer to read early in the morning. Based on your personal preferences, you can also use things like aromatic candles and soft music to facilitate your reading further.

Two genres at a time

This is again a personal preference. For some, going with two genres simultaneously can really spice up things. However, this will only be effective when the two chosen genres are not closely related, but are diverse. For example, you can combine a  thought-provoking philosophy novel with an easygoing fiction one. To know whether this works for you or not, why not try it out?

Joining book clubs

These days, there is a growing trend among readers to join book clubs. At a book club, by interacting with various readers, you not only get to share your ideas and experiences but also get to know various book recommendations. 

There are no restrictions on the number of book clubs that you can join, but you just need to ensure that the number is sustainable so that you can manage to make the most out of all of them.


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