10 Amazing Ways to Hang Your Wall Collage Kit Aesthetically


Hanging prints is a tedious activity. Can you imagine hanging over 30 prints in one particular corner? Surely, it doesn’t look like a fun job; neither it gives an appealing look to your room. If you have no idea how to hang Wall Collage Kit Amazon in your space, then the current discussion is perfect for you.

We are presenting some exciting tips and tricks to hang your wall collage kit in a jiffy.

Have a look to get some real inspiration.

Use Poster Putty

If your prints are made of durable material, it is strongly recommended to use putty to mount posters. It is necessary to choose a college kit made of 14 point semi-gloss papers because such kits have the perfect thickness, and you can easily hang them on the wall.

One of the remarkable benefits of using poster putty is hanging the prints without damaging the surface. Also, it’s a safe choice for impermanent mounting of prints. Don’t worry about the long-term effects of putty because, unlike tape, it doesn’t dry quickly.

Double Side Removable Poster Tape

Not everyone knows that some products are specifically designed to secure posters without damaging the surface. Make sure that you have chosen the right type of poster tape. Moreover, properly clean the surface before mounting the poster on it.

Remember, choosing the wrong tape not only ruins the poster but damages the wall as well. So, select your poster tape wisely.

Magic Tape

No denial, poster tape/double tape can be availed easily. But don’t worry if you can’t find double side poster tape because you can use magic tape as an alternative. Magic tape is a secure choice to mount prints because it is not sticky. You can easily detach it from the poster without any significant effort. This invisible tape looks smoother on walls and gives a tidy look to surfaces.

Bulldog Clips

Unlike tapes and putty, using bulldog clips for hanging prints is not simple. However, these clips are flexible and ensure durability for a long time. One of the finest benefits of using bulldog clips is that they give your space a graceful and adorable appearance.

If you want to avoid any mistake or inconvenience, it is necessary to attach bulldog clips to the print first and apply double side poster tape for better protection. Show some creativity as you can choose bulldog clips in desired colours that look good in your space.

Velcro Mounting Strips

Looking for simpler ways to mount your strips? You can use Velcro mounting strips for this purpose. These strips are ideal for hanging your prints, especially when you don’t want to put holes in your rented home. It’s a cheap and simplest way to hang the prints strongly. Choosing Velcro mounting strips is an incredible decision to hang your pictures without making the wall look unclean.

Thumb Tacks

You can’t use thumbtacks for every type of print. They are the best choice for corkboard and rough wood surfaces. You can use these thumbtacks at the outer edge of the paper if you want to avoid poking holes through the prints. Make sure that the poked thumb tacks hold and support the posters properly.

Use String Wire

If you want to double the joy and fun of hanging prints, you can use strings and wires to hang the prints. It takes some time to hang prints on string wire. You can take your friends or family member’s help for this purpose. Attach wire with a wall by using a nail or peg.

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Use Magnets

Want to hang lightweight prints and pictures? Choosing magnets for this picture is a great decision. Always use lightweight magnets, including Magnetack and Neodymium, to give the wall and poster a good look. Surely, these magnets look tiny but provide strong support to the poster and wall.

These magnets can be bought easily as they are available in every other hardware shop. You can buy them online as well; the choice is all yours.

Wire Wall Grid

You can give a complete twist to your room/space by using a wire wall grid. Wire wall grid makes your area look super cool and elegant. You can buy them online as they are available easily.

Cork Board

Amazingly, cork boards are available in different sizes. You can choose a corkboard that ideally meets your requirements. Corkboards are ideal for hanging kids’ artwork.

Give Extraordinary Look to Your Space with Magnificent Wall Collage Kit Hanging Ideas

All these wall collage kit Amazon hanging ideas have made it easier for you to hang your prints in no time. You can choose any of the options mentioned above and give a completely different look to your space.


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