Emerging Trends That Define Local SEO in 2022

Local SEO

Brisbane is one of the biggest economic hubs in Australia. The capital of Queensland is home to some of the largest companies in the country, like the Suncorp Group and Aurizon. But aside from big corporations, the city also houses over 134,000 registered small and medium businesses that serve the community. To help compete with the bigger business establishments, small and medium enterprises intensify their local SEO Brisbane strategies to raise awareness and reach wider audiences online. 

Today’s tough competition requires businesses to boost their online marketing strategies. It is why businesses must work on their local SEO plans to make it easier for their customers to find them. Since most companies are ramping up their digital marketing strategies, here are some of the biggest local SEO trends in 2022 that can help websites increase their search engine rankings and achieve their overall business goals. 

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Prioritise User Experience 

One of the driving factors that can help businesses achieve search optimisation success in 2022 is improving the website’s user experience. Google included page experience update as part of the ranking factor in June 2021. It means that factors like web page loads, design navigation, and overall experience when accessing the website on desktop and mobile can influence its search engine results page (SERPs) rankings. 

An example of strategies used to improve user experience is to minimise or eliminate pop-up and banner ads on the website. Businesses can also ask their website developers to check the loading speed on all platforms by using online tools. It will also help the companies update all the relevant contact information posted on the website to let the customers reach out to them faster.  

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Update Google My Business 

Companies recognise the growing importance of Google My Business during the recent years after Google started to prioritise search intent. It means that search engines are no longer showing results derived from keywords. Instead, the search engine will now give information based on what the user is exactly looking for. 

For example, someone typed “best Italian restaurant” in their search bar. The search engine knows that you are only looking for the most authentic Italian restaurant near your location. Google will display a list based on the specified location within the user’s vicinity. This information will appear in the Google My Business results. 

Google My Business is a free service. Therefore, business owners only need to complete their profile by including as many relevant details as possible. This local SEO Brisbane strategy will help more customers discover the business every time they invest in specific services. 

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Improve Mobile Optimisation

More people rely on their mobile devices nowadays to gather information online. They also use it to shop or make some purchases any time and anywhere. It is why recent studies discovered that more than half of website traffic takes place online. 

Since more people use their smartphones and tablets to access websites, Google began including mobile-first indexing in their ranking factor. It means the biggest search engine platform will review new websites based on its mobile design first before its desktop design. 

Companies can boost the mobile optimisation of their websites by improving their navigation and making the fonts visible on smaller screens. 

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Improving local SEO strategies can be one of the best ways to help businesses in Brisbane stand out against the competition. Aside from boosting the online reputation, it will also lead more customers to visit the online shop or drop by the physical store within their vicinity. So it is advisable to work on the local SEO plans as soon as possible to keep up with the demands for 2022 and beyond. 


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