10 Treks in India


Treks in India is gaining more popularity recently. Against all odds, they rise over to heights that shine their aura. Success without the willingness to flaunt as it is satisfactory in its self. When you trek, you live a timeless experience meant to please you for the rest of your life.

Mountains are not the sole reason for trekking; the strides and journeys unfold the wonders of nature. These wonders of nature intermingle with you. It appears to be lively and a friend for the entire trial. Trekking unwinds this friendship between the trekker and the nature that never perishes. Lets look at some of the best treks in India.

Best 10 Treks in India

Chadar Trek

It is a frozen lake trek over the Zanskar, at the height of about 11,150 ft above sea level and is one of the best treks in India. The real essence of Zanskar is enjoyed during January and February. Ladakh is known to shelter this gorgeous trek that starts and ends at Leh city. It is moderately difficult because of the piercing temperatures that sometimes relegate down to -20 degrees and more. The Christmas tales are witnessed in this trek by skating and sledding over the frosted river.

Kedarkantha Trek

The mountains surrounding the ridge of the summit are in perfect alignment and make it even more picturesque. The landscape of this splendid summit is a heat-throbbing experience. The peace at the summit and in the accomplishment of this trek lies in the snow blankets. You will cross through your entire trek to make it to the highest point.

A height of 12,500 feet is attempted starting from Sankri and passing through magnificent Juda ka Talab and Kedarkantha base camp. Do the Kedarkantha trek during the winter season, if you want to witness the snow-stacked panoramas.

Pin Parvati Parvati

Few treks offer the opportunity to relish a glacial walk, and this is one. Bhuntar in Himachal Pradesh marks the beginning of this trek and ends at Kaza after a journey of 12 approximately. Parvati and Pin are the two summits that you resolve to conquer on this trek. However, beginners are recommended to undertake at least 2 to 3 easy treks before stepping on this trail. This is a monsoon trek and usually advised to trek during the months of mid-June and mid-July.

Hampta Pass Trek

One of the best treks in India, the Hampta Pass trek is perfect for beginners, and experienced trekkers find it equally alluring. The tempting factors in this trek are the dramatic river crossovers, native fauna, and the valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. Passing through the meadows and crossing snow landscapes, you reach an altitude of 14,010 ft above sea level. From campsites to the liberating peak, everything is magnificently appealing to a trekker. It takes six days to savour this amazing experience.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The integrated Heaven on earth (Kashmir) offers an enthralling trek that brings you across seven sizable lakes. The highest altitude is 13,697 feet above sea level, but it is just a mere part of this journey. At the same time, the haul is all that radiates the aura of the lakes. For nine days, you stride through mountainous vegetation to come across seven gleaming blue lakes. It starts from Sonamarg and ends at Narang after covering a distance of 69 km.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Manali is known as the hub for trekkers. The Bhrigu lake is a mesmerizing lake trek near Manali located at the height of 14,000 ft. The Bhrigu Lake is named after Bhrigu Maharishi. Depending upon the seasons, the lake will change its colour. It is a 3 days trek and can be easily attainable. After striding through forests and meadows, the treks length is of 29 km. The monsoon season is suggested to be risky for this trek, and avoiding it during then can be mindful.

Friendship Peak Trek

White cream clinging to your legs while you trek. The snow-clad trail amidst the haze of mist compels you to enjoy the present moment more than the thought of destination. It is indeed difficult to reach a height of 17,352 ft. Solang in Manali exalts this peak from where it starts and ends. May, June, September and October are the best months to enjoy this star trek.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Peaceful by its popularity and mesmerizing nature, this trek is ideal for people craving solitude amidst meditating mountains. The state of Uttarakhand is viewed from a height of 12,303 ft above sea level, where the peak of this summit lies. For as long as four days, you are free to savour an easy trek from May to November.

Nag Tibba Trek

A relatively crowded trek endowed with a panoramic sight of prominent gigantic peaks at the peak. Easily hiked upon a height of 9,856 ft. above sea level. Dehradun in Uttarakhand is known to harbour this summit. The trek is accessible in the summer and winter seasons.

Kareri Lake Trek

A perfect short trip plan that transports you to 9,830 ft above sea level. The peak is 20 km away from the Kareri village, and in 3 days, you can climb up and back. It is a monsoon trek, and till November, the jewels of this trek are visible to explore. This is a great opportunity for the first-timers to explore mountains and prepare for future high-altitude expeditions.


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