Are Carbon Fiber Skateboards Good?

Are Carbon Fiber Skateboards Good?

Carbon fiber is an incredibly strong material that is far lighter than typical materials of comparable strength. Carbon fiber skateboards decks are more durable than typical hardwood boards, both in terms of weight support and the ability to sustain bending without breaking.

Carbon fiber composite skateboard decks are occasionally advertised as “indestructible,” which may or may not be accurate.

A carbon fiber skateboard is hit by a truck and bounces back like a champ in this video. Carbon fiber composite skate deck would win hands-down if excellent skating was just about board durability. No matter how harsh your riding regimen is, these boards just cannot be destroyed. However, successful skating isn’t only about endurance. Several aspects determine whether a skateboard is excellent or terrible. Carbon fiber skateboard boards are sturdy, but do they skate well?

Let’s take a look at some of the features of carbon fiber boards to see what they offer to the skatepark… and what they leave behind. Electric Skateboard Manufacturer should be energetic.

Carbon Fiber Skateboard Deck

The deck contains all of the fiber in a carbon fiber skateboard, however not all carbon fiber decks are created equal. Carbon fiber is used in the creation of carbon fiber skateboard decks, however, it can be used in any proportion. Carbon fiber decks can have a layer or two on top, bottom, between or wood plies, or strands of carbon fiber running through them, or they can be composed entirely of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber decks with many carbon fiber layers are more durable, although they still have considerable flex.

They’re also lighter than skate decks made entirely of wood. Fully carbon fiberboards (which are a mix of carbon fiber and resin) are significantly lighter than hardwood decks and are by far the lightest skateboard decks. However, since they lack elasticity, they are very inflexible and can break when struck. We’ll concentrate on fiber composites because completely carbon fiber decks provide very little to most skaters.

Carbon Fiber Skateboard Price

The price of a composites carbon fiber skateboard deck varies greatly, however it may be as little as $100 or as much as $300, dependent on the build and the amount of carbon fiber used in the board. Longboard composites made of carbon fiber are much more costly, starting at roughly $150 and going up to over $350. It’s worth it just for the deck. In general, a carbon fiber deck will set you back at least twice as much as a high-quality timber deck.

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However, as public knowledge and demand for carbon fiber decks have risen, a few well-known skate manufacturers have entered the fray. In many cases, the carbon fiberboards made by big skate companies contain less carbon fiber than those made by firms that specialize in carbon fiber decks. Carbon fiber skate deck prices are falling as a result of this, as well as the dropping price of carbon fiber as a material.

What are carbon fiber skate decks bad for?

Carbon fiber skateboard decks aren’t all that horrible. Depending on how to lose you want things, they can be a little tight for freestyle, but if we can get used to the differences in flex and pop, you’ll probably enjoy their endurance.

Why are carbon fiber skateboards so expensive?

Carbon fiber is more pricey than wood, which is why carbon fiber skateboards are so pricey. Carbon fiber production is labor-intensive and energy-heavy. This increases the cost to producers, who then pass the cost on to consumers.


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