6 Emojis to Express Famous TikTok Moves

6 Emojis to Express Famous TikTok Moves

ByteDance is a Chinese IT company that created the famous application TikTok. Douyin was the original name of the application when ByteDance launched it in September 2016. Like Facebook and Instagram, they touted it as a video-sharing social networking service. TikTok is now accessible in over 150 countries and has offices in Beijing, Seoul, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and other countries. TikTok is well-known for its dance challenges, in which almost all of its users took part.

One of the ways to learn famous TikTok dance challenges is by following video tutorials on TikTok using emojis. You can find different dance tutorials on TikTok where they use emojis to signal the next steps. According to several users, using emojis made learning simpler and more enjoyable. Here is a TikTok emoji list that can guide you in expressing famous TikTok moves.

1. Thumbs Up

TikTok is chock-full of entertaining challenges, but we believe the hand challenge is one of the users’ favorites. A series of hand emojis, such as a thumbs-up, flash on the screen, and the challenge is to mimic them with your hands in the same sequence that they appear. 

You must perform it to the sound of ‘Y2K & Bbno$ – Lalala (ilkan Gunuc Remix).’ This challenge, which has gone viral on the app, involves celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers. As a result of the trend, the hand challenge became one of the most popular hashtags on the app in 2020.

2. Woman Gesturing No

When you use this emoji, this means the Foot Fungus challenge. In 2021, the “Foot Fungus” dance was a big craze on TikTok. This dance craze includes dancers striking the Woah, impersonating driving a vehicle, and rolling the dice step. It also has crossing arm gestures and shoulder snaps, featuring comparable dancing moves to the well-known Renegade Dance Challenge. 

The creators of this dance are TikTok users d0rasm0ther and bruh.liv19. There are over 3 million videos that are connected to the audio, while the original video has around 17 million views. Charli D’Amelio, among other social media celebrities, has done the very famous routine.

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3. Oncoming Fist

One of the fundamental dance steps of Renegade is the oncoming fist. And when you see this emoji, you would probably know that it is the famous dance challenge renegade. Bella Thorne, David Dobrik, Millie Bobby-Brown, and Noah Schnapp are among the celebs who have taken the TikTok challenge. 

The hashtag #renegade presently has around 340 million views on the TikTok. According to Know Your Meme, the dance challenge debuted on Instagram in September 2019 before expanding to TikTok in the following months. It is one of TikTok’s most difficult dancing challenges. There are several videos on YouTube and TikTok that will show you how to master the technique in no time.

4. Peach

The peach emoji is not just the fruit we all know. On social media platforms, people use the peach emoji to symbolize the bottom part of their body. But if you are going to use it on TikTok, it is probably one of the famous dance challenges, which is work. The dance challenge is more on twerking; that’s why the peach emoji is very famous. 

If you are going to watch dance tutorials on TikTok that has a twerk step, you could see that they use the peach fruit emoji to represent that famous step. This emoji is not just about the dance challenge work, a song by Rihanna. There are a lot of dance challenges that have a twerking step.

5. Helicopter

For TikTok users, the helicopter must be very familiar with dance challenges. One of the famous dance challenges on TikTok is the shower dance challenge. They used the song Shower by Becky G. If you are going to watch video tutorials regarding this dance challenge, you will notice that they use the helicopter emoji for a certain step. 

Becky G’s song “Shower” premiered in 2014 and is making a comeback on TikTok in 2020 through a dancing craze. TikTokers @zacklugo, @notstoud_, and @brandonmundine included a portion of the song in a TikTok video around the end of October. TikTok users have uploaded over 1.6 million videos with the sound, and videos with the hashtag #SingingInTheShower have received over 6.8 million views.

6. Peace sign

One of the most-used emojis on TikTok is the peace sign, so it should not surprise you that most of the dance challenges have a peace sign step. From the gal dance challenge and woman dance challenge to the corvette corvette dance challenge. 

With a companion, or partner, the corvette corvette dance became popular in late 2021/early 2022, and it’s a lot of fun. Lizzo and TikToker Noah Beck have each gone popular with their variations of the dance trend thanks to their simple techniques.


If you haven’t taken part in these dance challenges, there is still time to practice and learn the dance moves. You can easily learn them with the help of emojis. Don’t worry if you are not a dancer by nature because, with the help of emojis, you can perfect these famous dance challenges. What are your favorite dance challenges? Express it now by the use of these emojis!


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