8 Fun Console Games You Should Play With Friends

8 Fun Console Games You Should Play With Friends

A console game is interactive multimedia software that utilizes a video game console to create an interactive multimedia experience via a television or other display device. Console games can boost memory and problem-solving abilities and mood and social skills through increased activity in brain regions linked to emotional response. Are you still thinking of why you should consider playing console games?

Consoles are simple to use, consoles don’t require upgrades, allow for simple multiplayer with other console owners, come at less expensive pricing, and use wireless controllers to give you a more active experience than a computer or mobile device. In addition, some console games are among the best cross platform games to play with friends. To get the most out of the console, we’ve gathered a selection of cooperative or best cross-platform games that you can play with a friend.

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

There has been a battle royale craze in the last several months, and much of its success is due to the lesser-known, which is probably the godfather of the battle royale genre. In a Hunger Games-like scenario, 100 people are gradually reduced in size until just one person remains. It sets a significantly more realistic tone than its more arcade cousins. Because PC players might have an advantage in an online setting, PUBG only lets console players play with each other.

2. Ultimate Chicken Horse

It’s a team game, so everyone on the squad has to succeed to advance. A dangerous party platformer in which you must negotiate numerous hazardous stages while setting traps to slow down your buddies is what you’ll find in this game. Even if everyone fails, Ultimate Chicken Horse can be amusing because you’re all falling together. You can play Clever Endeavour Games’ game on consoles with four friends.

3. Ark Survival Evolved

This game aims to collect materials scattered over a harsh pre-historic wilderness and build a laser-armed stronghold to mount a Tyranosaurous combat mount to achieve victory. Ark Survival Evolved is an outlier, but the possibilities are boundless, and you can establish your post-apocalyptic survival tribe with cross-play across Xbox One and PC. Those who enjoy survival-style gameplay should give this one a try.

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4. Death Squared

Death Squared is a co-op puzzle game where you have to manage a collection of delicate cubes through a series of lethal tests. It is a mind game that tests your cerebral capacity. As you and your pals repeatedly kill each other while attempting the riddles, it can take a few tries to figure out how to solve them all. So, if you want to play this game with your pals, SMG Studio is the developer available on various platforms

5. Push Me Pull You

Push Me Pull You, a game developed by House House available for the console platform and intended for two to four players, is now available. You and your companion share a single wormy human body and must wrestle with other humanoids to get control of a ball in this game, which is about as bizarre as it gets. Working together to be the best wormy sports ball person you can be is a wonderfully odd game. That does sound a little out there

6. Overcooked 2 

The sequel to Overcooked is every bit as hectic as the first. Moveable platforms and new outfits and recipes are among the many new interactive levels in this update. With a group of family and friends, you can work on this together and have a blast. In Overcooked 2, you can now throw ingredients into chopping boards, burners, and even at your teammates, which is a significant improvement over the original. Ghost Town Games developed the game available on console platforms, allowing up to four players to play.

7. Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers is a humorous spin on the Tetris idea, combining the old school design with real-world physics and mystical wizard powers. Though they may seem like minor changes, these enhancements make each of the three primary modes fun, especially when played with others. Up to four players can enjoy Weirdbeard Games’ Tricky Towers on various consoles and platforms. If you prefer playing games for fun and relaxation, this could be a good choice.

8. Gang Beasts

The Gang Beasts are as ridiculous as they appear to be. People of various colors dressed in bizarre costumes are pitted against one another as you and your buddies take over the arena. Antics that arise during each round are guaranteed to keep the fight exciting, no matter where you’re taking place, whether it’s a blimp, a boxing ring, or even a train station. Developed by Boneloaf and supporting up to four players at a time, you can play it together.


Finding a game that everyone can enjoy on a console might be difficult. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. It’s a good idea to play one of these games with your friends or family. A place where you can play with your friends simultaneously and have a good time. The anchor link above the list will take you to more information.


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