6 Secret Instagram Tricks to Boost Your Profile

6 Secret Instagram Tricks to Boost Your Profile

Instagram promotional tools are being used widely and will help you gain more followers on your Instagram followers. These are the best options to increase reach by adding real user traffic to your account. The automation tools handle the major aspects such as likes, shares, comments, and followers. These services will help you get real active Instagram followers from SocialPros.io

However, there are many more aspects and tricks that most people are unaware of. These tips and tricks will help you get promoted better than your competitors. 

This is the list of 6 Secret Instagram Tricks to Boost Your Profile, which you need to know to gain more followers on your Instagram profile. Without wasting any time let us move on to this list.

1. Business Account

The basic step to start your promotional journey is to switch to a business account. Most people use this type of account for promotion. Instagram has given several options where you can choose professional categories and provide business designations. 

This is the best way to showcase your professional abilities on your profile. Also, all professional business accounts have additional benefits. There are advantages such as insights, reach, audience, activity, etc. Now Instagram also provides you an opportunity to form brand partnerships and paid promotions with other established business accounts.

2. Personal Hashtag

Using a relevant and well-known hashtag is a famous marketing gimmick. These hashtags have a huge following and the ability to attract traffic to your page. 

At the same time curating a brand hashtag is equally important. These personal hashtags when used often become noticeable and famous. This is a great way of accumulating all the content on a single hashtag page. Simply by clicking on this personal hashtag people will be able to view your brand history as well as study your content.

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3. Story Highlights and Archives

Posting stories regularly is a great way to increase engagement rates. Stories help you attract traffic and help you gain more followers on your Instagram profile. The most important part where many people fail is to create story highlights. 

This is one of the best ways to store your interesting stories on your account and make your profile look more interesting. Make sure you add the most interesting and highly interacted stories to your highlight. Give appropriate titles and initial story tiles.

4. Profile Description

One of the most important parts of any social media account is to add the best profile description. Instagram bio is the first thing that people view after visiting your profile. 

Hence keeping it relevant and interesting is the key to success. It should have all the necessary details and contact information. Also, if you have a webpage add the website link in the description. This way you will be able to redirect follower traffic to your page.

5. Stickers and Interaction Tools

If you do not have a budget to get real Instagram followers from Viralyft.com, then using stickers is the best option for you. These stickers are very effective and have been introduced by Instagram to boost account engagement. 

People tend to respond to these tools and interaction levels increase. These interaction tools include quizzes, shoutouts, emoji sliders, polls, GIFs, etc. These tools are the best when it comes to bringing more followers to your Instagram profile.

6. Manage Comments and Tags

Comments and tags are a great way of interacting with the audience. Keeping a track of comments is important. Many trolls and criticisms show up in the comment box and handling them is very important. Also, replying to a few comments builds trust between your followers. 

This is a great way of forming an online community. People often neglect where their brand is being tagged. Thousands of followers use these tags on any random post. Hence keeping a track of these tags is necessary. The best way to deal with this is to manually approve tags and use them for growth.


This was the list of 6 Secret Instagram Tricks to Boost Your Profile. If you use these tips and tricks along with automation services, then you will become one of the top brands in the market. These tricks are efficient and have been tested before. 

If you wish to see results faster then use them to your best advantage. We hope this list was helpful for you. Save it for future reference. Also, make sure you visit our space for similar articles and lists on different topics.


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