How Cowboy Hats Have Been Dominating the World of Country Music

How Cowboy Hats Have Been Dominating the World of Country Music

Not too many things in this world have the power to arouse country music culture like the iconic and the evergreen cowboy hat. The wide-brimmed cowboy hats are regarded as the staple of quintessential country music. The cowboy hats have been popularized over the years by famous country artists like Dwight Yoakam, Hank Williams, and Brad Paisley. In recent times, though, some country singers are giving up the tradition of wearing a country hats, while performing their songs. However, country music loses its charm without the stars flaunting their Western look. 

A Cowboy Hat: The True Identity of a Country Artist

A country singer’s look is incomplete without a cowboy hat, claims many country music buffs. Country music is a culture or hobby. It is not just a genre of music. Country music is best for instilling positive values in you. The Cowboy hat is an official symbol for country music. Most old-school country artists believe firmly in visual iconography and their cowboy hats seem to be their identity. They believe that flaunting a cowboy hat is a symbol of leadership and a country artist is expected to lead a group of dedicated musicians who are passionate about making country music. 

A country singer is incomplete without a cowboy hat. Most people ask ‘what is a country artist without his iconic cowboy hat?’ Most country music buffs still believe that you cannot be a country music artist without flaunting a cowboy hat. The country music world or industry demands that all artists should flaunt a cowboy hat while performing as a mark of respect to the genre.

Country Singers Who Love to Wear Cowboy Hats

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley was one of the most acclaimed and popular American country music artists, guitarist, and songwriter who rocked the music world with his genre of music during the early 21st century. According to Britannica, he won our hearts with skillfully crafted numbers that were witty. Brad Paisley sold more than 11 million albums. He has won three prestigious Grammy Awards.

Brad Paisley loved the idea of creating a crisp, clean look or image developed around an immaculately creased cowboy hat. Brad Paisley launched Moonshine Spirit, a line of cowboy hats inspired by his contemporary crease on the evergreen cowboy accessory.

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson is an all-time favorite American country singer, lyricist, who has 16 studio albums to his credit. His music has been dominating the country music industry for over two decades. Alan Jackson’s hat-and-jacket style is his signature. At the grand 51st CMA Awards, he gave stiff cowboy hat competition to Brad Paisley. Alan Jackson has sold more than 75 million records across the globe, with 44 million copies sold in the U.S.A. alone.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a celebrity American country music artist, guitarist, and also, actress. She has won a lot of appreciation and acclaim for pioneering a seamless interface between pop music and country music styles. Dolly Parton, the country music icon has always sported sassy cowboy hats. She took immense pride in her cool cowboy hats that complement her bubbly, sweetheart persona.

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George Strait

George Strait is a famous American Country music artist, music producer, songwriter, and actor. George Strait is called the King of Country. He is undoubted, one of the most popular and influential recording artists. He has pioneered the neotraditionalist country music movement and style. He popularized the quintessential cowboy look. He brought back the original country music flavor in his music. His efforts marked the end of the so-called pop-country era from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. George Strait, the legendary King of Country, would never reach such heights of glory without his country crown, his classic cowboy hats.

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks is a celebrated American country music artist and songwriter. His integration of rock and pop elements into the traditional country genre has won him a lot of appreciation and acclaim. He has gained phenomenal popularity and success in the United States with record-breaking live shows, multi-platinum recordings, album charts, and more. Brooks is supposed to be the one and only country music artist with nine albums that acquired diamond status across the nation. His love for the classic cowboy hats seems to be legendary. He is hardly ever seen without his cowboy hat. However, he loved to switch between a cowboy hat and a baseball cap but chose to opt for the Cowboy accessory for good.

How Do You Choose A Cowboy Hat?

The most appropriate cowboy hat to complement your facial structure if you have an oval face is a hat that has a medium brim. Remember that if you choose a cowboy hat with a relatively smaller brim may make your face look larger. It is better to choose cowboy hats that have a medium brim for creating a stunning and flattering appearance.


Cowboy hats are here to stay and dominate the country music scenario for ages to come. Everybody is unique & different. They have different facial shapes and reasons to invest in a cowboy hat. There are absolutely no restrictions or rules. Choose a cowboy hat that makes you feel and look amazing.


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