A Brief Guide on How to Clean Up Your Home Messed with Dog Hair!

dog hair

Enduring your pet dog hair loss can be difficult, as the laborious cleaning involved in keeping your Kiwi household pristine is tiring. However, a dog of any age or breed losing hair is pretty normal. It is termed “Partial/Complete Alopecia” in medical language, and the reasons can be anything from skin infections, allergies, or endocrine disorders. First, however, you need to contact the vet to get to the bottom of the matter.

You never know if the condition is mild or extreme, so essentially you need to report this to the vet immediately. Treating hair loss issues can get expensive. Pet insurance Nz comes in handy at times like these, as long as you have cover before the hair loss condition emerges. Inquire about pet insurance prices and request quotes from several pet insurance providers to purchase a policy covering your pet’s health needs. The perfect plan includes post accident medical care, illness cover, regular checkups, diagnosis, hospitalization, and treatment for your pet doggo at economical prices.

Unless you are petting a hairless breed or one with a short coat, you will likely have to deal with the dog hair everywhere, whether or not you like it. Clearing your home of dog hair is one task that brings along with it a multitude of cleaning tasks. Here, we list some methods that may work effectively for the good riddance of dog hair that fills your home.

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Your furry friend finds a cozy spot for himself with you on the sofas, beds, chairs and uses your blankets too. Now, how do we clean the fur on your furniture? We have a solution. Use a wet cloth or a damp sponge to clean up a small area. To clean up the hair on bedding, pillows, and cushions, remove the covers and toss them in your dryer to make them hair-free. To make cleaning a little easier next time, you can also invest in furniture covers. Even rectangular tablecloths on your dining table or coffee table can go a long way in making cleaning easier for you.


Use an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop to eliminate the hair strands on wooden, laminate, or tile floors. Purchase vacuum cleaners made specially to pick up dog hair. They have special filters to minimize dander in the air and don’t clog the machine. Check for vacuum cleaners that have additional attachments to clean the upholstery as well.


Use lint rollers to remove the pesky hair on your clothes. You may also buy dryer balls that attract dog hair like a magnet. Toss these balls along with your hair filled clothes into the dryer for good cleanse.

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You know this; it all starts with your dog shedding hair. So, handle it the best way you can. Give your furry pet an occasional haircut. You shouldn’t get your pet companion’s fur shaved too close to the skin. We caution you about this as an oversized fur coat is necessary to keep your pet dog’s thermal retention intact. Your doggo needs to stay warm on chilly days and cool on sunny days, so it needs a protective coat. Shaving is only one method to minimize shedding in your dog.

Instead, you may brush your pet twice a week at least during heavy shedding seasons, use a shed control shampoo for bathing your dog, clean up the fleas and bugs that have made a home on your pet’s body, and feed him nutritious meals for a full and healthy coat.

Keeping your home dog hair-free is a minor task. The major one is getting your dog examined by the vet to know if any underlying health issues contribute to hair loss, and for future visits to diagnose and treat other health issues, get annual vaccinations and more. Pet insurance Nz makes your life easy by financially supporting you in providing the best medical assistance for your pet. In addition, pet insurance prices may very well be much lower than the money you may need to shell out in the event of an actual medical condition.



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