6 Most Common Cat Skin Issues That May Trouble Your Pet Kitty!

6 Most Common Cat Skin Issues That May Trouble Your Pet Kitty!

A playful kitty is a happy kitty. If you have been missing your kitten’s cheerful meows for a while, then most likely she is in despair. Check if she has been lying curled up in a corner for much longer than usual or lost her appetite lately. Any unusual signs may prompt you to take her for a vet visit, as you never know what hides beneath that innocent face. Look for any pointers that may hint at any medical conditions she may be suffering from.

We know it’s hard for cat parents to manage their kitten’s health with the financial burden that it brings sometimes. If you are looking for a way out of spending your savings, then cat insurance is one brilliant solution. Pet health insurance will come to your rescue when you meet with unexpected pet health expenditures. Purchasing a cat insurance policy helps you reimburse some of the vet consultation, diagnosis, and treatment costs you spend on your pet’s health and wellbeing.

We advise cat parents not to ignore even the slightest rashes or fur loss that may appear harmless. A correct diagnosis is needed to know what’s happening and cure your pet of the illness. Understanding the basics will always help you.

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Flea Allergy

Flea infestation is a common issue among felines. Your kitten may spend most of its time indoors; still, there are chances of fleas intruding your home and planting themselves on your kitty’s body. Several external application medicines are available over the counter that can be used on your kitty’s skin. However, we ask you to use the ones recommended by your vet. Along with the medicines, use medicated shampoos for bathing your kitty and treat your yard and home to get rid of fleas.

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Other Allergies

Just as humans do, cats too contract allergies. Your furball may be allergic to specific proteins in its meals, pollen dust, grasses, moulds, and many more. As a result, your kitty may lose hair, develop secondary skin infections because of excessive scratching, have a drop in weight, etc. Diagnosing involves testing the blood samples for any allergens. Treatment may include – home-cooked meals, prescribed diets, allergy vaccinations, oral medications, etc.

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Commonly, ear mites and fur mites affect cats a lot. Your kitty may experience hair loss, itching, skin crusting due to infections, etc. You will need your vet’s help to understand the type of mite that has infected your kitty. In addition, your kitty may need medicated dips and baths and other types of parasitic treatments.

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Ringworm is the most common fungal infection in cats. Your munchkin loses circular patches of hair. This type of fungus also produces crusting on the skin. It can be transmitted to other felines and potentially infects humans too. Meeting the vet and treating your kitty is crucial, so your pet and the household stay safe, as it can be passed on to humans.

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It appears as blackheads, sores, and pimples on your kitten’s lower face region and chin. Kitties find acne eruptions annoying. They keep pawing their chins or rub their little faces against the floor to handle the discomfort. Your vet will provide advice on the best treatment.

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Wounds and abscesses can deteriorate quickly. This is because the bacteria present at the wound site multiply in the area and spread secondary infection and abscesses. The abscess needs to be healed through antibiotics or drained through surgery. Your vet will let you know the solution after examining your fur baby.

Pet insurance sorts you out on your kitten’s health expenses. Cat insurance can be a blessing for your young kitty as she gets access to top-notch medical care in challenging times throughout her lifetime. Purchasing a policy benefits your furball and reduces your economic pressures too.



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