All You Need to Know About Tyre Care

tyre care

You should take care of your tyres just as you would the rest of your vehicle. Investing in new tyres might be expensive if you don’t take appropriate tyre care.

Avoid overloading your vehicle

You should bear in mind the following tips for great tyre care:

Please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s handbook to find out what your vehicle’s maximum weight capacity is. A vehicle’s tyres and other essential components are put under stress when it’s overloaded. In addition, this can lead to poor handling, higher fuel consumption, and even tyre damage if not addressed. 

Maintaining Proper inflation

Improper inflation is the most common cause of tyre issues. When you inflate your tyres, you’re extending the life of your tyres, optimizing fuel efficiency, and ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.Tires are marked with their maximum pressure capacity on their sides.. Nevertheless, that is the maximum pressure, not the actual pressure you intend to use. The correct tyre pressure may be found in your owner’s handbook and on the placard located on the driver’s doors of your vehicle. It is typically suggested that you check your automobile tyre pressure at least every two weeks, depending on how often you drive.

Proper Inspection of tyres

Maintaining your tyres regularly can help them last longer. Vehicle health may be gauged by the state of your tyre tread. There are several benefits to regularly checking all four of your tyres to identify any issues that may require expert attention. As well as before and after large travels, inspect your tyres at least once a month.

Tyre Replacement

Variations exist in tyre life. According to your driving habits, where you reside and how well your tyres are maintained. All tyres will ultimately wear out or get damaged and require replacement. Once the tread wear signal is apparent, replace the tyres.

Invest in Tyre Polish

Tyre polish not only improves the appearance of your car, but it also helps to keep your tyres in excellent condition and reduces the risk of tyre wear as well. Because of this, we advocate the use of tyre polishes to maintain your tyres clean and your car in perfect working condition. To maintain your car in tip-top form, you should invest in an excellent tyre polish.

Check Tyre Rotation

Rotate your tyres every 5000 kilometres to ensure even wear. Rotating your tyres ensures that they wear evenly across the set. Maintaining even wear on your tyres will help them last longer, as well as provide you with better handling and traction. Your vehicle’s handling can be improved by rotating your tyres on a regular basis Ideally, they should be rotated every second oil change.

Check your Wheel Alignment

Get the wheels aligned so that they are pointing straight forward. If you hit a curb or a bump over a pothole, the wheels may become misaligned as a result of this. Incorrectly aligned wheels lead to increased tyre wear and tear. To prevent early and uneven wear of tyres, you should get your vehicle aligned at least once every 7000 kilometers.

Tyre Storage

After cleaning them, you’ll need to decide whether to lay or stand the tyres when you’re ready to store them. Tyres should be stored away from chemicals and petroleum products in a cool, dry location. Moreover, the tyre storage location should not be exposed to direct sunshine or heat and should be kept away from hot pipes and electric motors, among other things. For this reason, you should make sure that there is no danger of standing water accumulating within the tyres. All of the above might cause premature degradation of the tyres that are susceptible to sudden failure.

Size of Wheel Bolt

Vehicle manufacturers often offer wheel bolts; just make sure they’re not too short or too lengthy. In any situation, they may become enemies. If they’re too short, the wheel might come out, and if they’re too long, the suspension could be damaged. Then get them changed with the right size ones after you’ve done a thorough examination.

Your tyres should be cleaned.

It’s as simple as washing your tyres in soapy water and cleaning the wheels. As well as enhancing the cosmetic appeal of your automobile, cleaning your tyres is a vital maintenance activity that may help prevent your tyres from cracking and discolouring.


To a certain extent, tyres are designed to wear out over time. All tyres, regardless of whether they are used or not, deteriorate with time. However, some basic preventative maintenance and care can increase the life of the tyres. The above mentioned are some tyre care and maintenance suggestions for everyday driving and road trips,with the right  tyre care products and proper maintenance your tyre will have a greater lifespan.

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