Easy Ways to Check Indian Bank Mini Statement

Easy Ways to Check Indian Bank Mini Statement

If you are an account holder of an Indian bank, it is important that you should know how to get bank mini statements from various sources. You can choose to get your most recent Indian Bank mini statement, which will allow you to view the last five transactions on your account via SMS, missed calls, net banking, and mobile banking. First, every account holder needs to register their mobile number with the bank account in order to use the Indian Bank Mini statement number service. Account users can access mini statements of their Indian Bank bank accounts through offline and online platforms after completing the registration process. 

The Indian Bank issues the Indian Bank Mini statement, which enables account holders to check their bank account statements. In other words, account holders can learn about the most recent transactions done from their individual bank accounts through the mini statement. By using this service, bank account users can monitor the transactions in their current or savings accounts over a given time frame.

How do I Register Myself for a Mini Statement from an Indian Bank?

Visit the Indian Bank location where you opened your account and request to get your mobile number registered. To stop fraudulent activity, the Indian Bank does not allow mobile registration online. Only this number will receive any notifications, such as OTPs for phone banking or online banking. But, keep in mind that you should be aware about Indian Bank timings before visiting the bank branch.

By registering your mobile number with the Indian bank, the account holder of the said bank can activate the Indian Bank Mini statements number service. After which they would be qualified to use services like:

  • Banking on mobile devices
  • Banking via SMS
  • Call-missing service

By completing the application form in person at the closest Indian Bank branch, the account holder can register their account number, and their mobile number will be updated on the bank’s portal for future use.  Additionally, you can use an Indian Bank ATM to update your phone number with your bank account. SMS is another method for changing the registered mobile number. The user will receive an SMS confirmation after sending an SMS to the specified number.

Ways to Get a Mini Statement

Missed Call Number from an Indian Bank Mini Statement: Dialing a missed call number on the below-mentioned number can help you get your mini statement easily. The account holder should use their registered cellphone number to call 8108781085 or 1800-425-00000. The call will automatically disconnect after two or three rings. The customer will receive an SMS with details on the latest three bank account transactions on their registered mobile number.

Indian Bank Mini Statement Via SMS: Through the bank’s SMS banking services, account customers can also get their Indian Bank Mini statements number. The bank offers the service for free. However, the cell network may charge the user for the use of the service. It should be noted that in order to use this hassle-free service, account holders must register their mobile number with the bank account. They can do this by going to the nearby ATM or branch of Indian Bank. Internet Banking can be used to register for the Indian Bank SMS service. The SMS must be written in the manner described below by the account holder. 


Send the SMS to the number 9444394443, and account information relating will be provided to the account holder.

Indian Bank Mini Statement via an ATM: An ATM is another way to get the Indian Bank Mini Statement. The account holder must go to the closest ATM and do the following:

  • Insert the ATM card into the device.
  • Choose your favourite language from the available options.
  • Type in the ATM’s four-digit pin.
  • Choose the suitable option 
  • You could get a printed copy of the statement by clicking on yes. 

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Indian Bank Mobile Banking: The Indian Bank’s Indpay mobile application also offers the service of getting an Indian Bank Mini statement by following the steps below:

  • Either from the Play Store or App Store, download the IndOASIS mobile application.
  • Open the app on your phone and enter the necessary details, including your bank account number and debit card information.
  • Use the UserID and mPIN, which must be generated earlier, to log into the application. Use your MPIN or password to log in.
  • Select the “Accounts” tab.
  • After logging into the application, the user finds a home screen. After that, you need to navigate to the “My Account Option” 
  • Visit the mobile passbook option to get an overview of transactions
  • Click to download the statement by opening “Account Statement.”

Net Banking Option: Through the net banking option, account holders may also get their Indian Bank Mini Statement. The account holder must go to the Indian Bank’s official website and log in using the user ID and password. The user can access the relevant account information after successfully logging in.  

Benefits of Checking Indian Bank Mini Statement

The Indian Bank Mini Statement service, such as Indian Bank Mini statement number, offers account holders a number of benefits since it makes it easy for them to refer back to recent transactions. 

Among the benefits of an Indian Bank Mini statement number are the following:

  • Using the phone or SMS service, the user can get information on the previous five transactions. and data from the bank’s mobile application regarding the prior ten transactions.
  • Indian Bank offers a mini-statement service that is accessible 24/7. Customers can use SMS or net banking services to access information about recent transactions from the comfort of their homes. Even going to the bank or ATM is not needed of them.
  • If the account holder uses the IndPay, they can utilize this service without paying any additional fees.
  • The account holder can obtain the mini statement by leaving a missed call on the given number if there is no internet connectivity.
  • The requirement to visit the bank in order to learn about the most recent transactions has been replaced by these services. Now, the account holder can get their statement whenever they want, wherever they are.
  • The mini-statement is accessible to the account holder via SMS. To use the service, you do not need to own a smartphone.


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