How Do I Plan an International Conference?


Companies that plan international conferences pursue different goals: attention to new products, sharing their experience, or allowing employees to fulfill themselves in speaking. The leaders of many companies talk about the beginning of successful cooperation after meetings at such events. Conference participants can improve their skills, exchange experiences, and make profitable contacts. So, how to organize an international event at this level properly?

Why is it worth considering holding an international conference?

Organizing a major event means building effective communications. And when there is too much theoretical information in reports, data visualization comes to the rescue. You can solve this problem with an information technology exhibition that allows you to see everything that is being said on stage. In addition, use interpreting booths and other translation equipment at the same time. With their help, the companies participating in the conference solve such a problem as a direct demonstration of the product to an international audience and attracting its attention. Companies that seek to solve global problems choose this option.

How to get started?

To begin with, decide on your target audience and study their interests. After that, you need to select the reports that will be readout. They will need to be structured and divided into sections, which will be divided into several components. They will cover different aspects of the same topic and help to present a coherent picture together. You should group sections that cover similar topics into categories. Reports of the international conference should interest the local community. Every year before the conference, you can ask the audience who they would be interested in hearing this time, and what topics seem vital.

Choose your speaker responsibly

There are a few rules that will help you understand whether to invite a person to your event. First, invited speakers must have experience in public speaking: in their company, at other conferences, and even on YouTube. Second, the opinion of others must confirm the professionalism of the speaker. If you do everything right, you will have an impressive list of potential speakers. Match topics that the speaker is well versed in, with topics worth speaking publicly to an international audience. Don’t worry if you can’t lure great speakers to your first international conference right away. Later, when the brand of your event is formed, you will receive many letters from interested speakers. Organize a program committee for this work, which will consider dozens of abstracts, selecting the best that will be included in the program.

Attract more listeners

No international conference will take place if people don’t come to it, right? There are several ways to attract listeners. You can post announcements on social networks. Tell people about the program of the event, key reports, and headliners, hold contests, and share information about partners. Approach advertising responsibly: you can use contextual and targeted advertising. Experience shows that a third-party specialist better handles advertising. In the meantime, do your mailing. If you are thinking about using a mailing list, do it wisely. Eliminate ads from it, and then the open rate of letters will increase to 30%. Send 3-4 information letters: announcement of the conference, mailing with the program, and a reminder of the date a few days before the event.

Now you should think about renting a venue when you understand the approximate number of participants. Analyze all the options in your city, evaluate their capacity, equipment, soundproofing, one large hall for official ceremonies and several smaller halls, as well as some areas for relaxation and networking.

Seek funding for the event

As a rule, an international conference is supported by sponsors, since it is difficult for the organizers to pay all the expenses on their own if you do not have investors. Usually, 2-3 salespeople who work for a percentage are enough to sell a sufficient number of sponsorship packages. Offer potential sponsors both comprehensive presentation opportunities at the event and individual activities. But first, determine which companies may be interested in attending your event.

Now you are ready to hold an international conference in the right way to make the event fascinating and memorable. You can make new acquaintances, exchange practical experience, and get information that will be useful in your work. Everyone will be able to get answers to questions that they will ask an experienced speaker. People come to events not only for new knowledge but also for powerful emotions.


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