Features To Look In A Online Trading App

Features To Look In A Online Trading App

Nowadays young, enthusiastic traders are more inclined to trade on their smartphones using trading apps. An online trading app is a tool meant to assist traders in making efficient stock market trades. A trader can use trading apps and share market tools to conduct research, purchase and sell stocks, and make profits out of them. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most important features that might make a stock market app stand out.

Features To Look in a Trading App

  • Speed

An online trading app is a tool that you use to help you trade. Whether you’re doing intraday trading or any other type of trading, speed and quickness are crucial. You don’t want to use a tool that slows you down; therefore, when selecting an Indian stock market software, be sure that it is both reliable and speedy.

  • User-Friendliness

Your online trading app should be able to help you execute even the most complicated trades. Also, it is always for the best if the app offers you an easy and user-friendly trading experience. If a trading app is not user-friendly and you are unable to navigate it effectively, you may miss out on some wonderful trading opportunities.

  • Customization

Appropriate Customization is a feature that is a must-have for your online trading app. It should allow you to personalize how you use it and study the graphs of various equities.

  • Information on the Market

Having market data at your fingertips can make or break your trading approach. Depending on the market you’re trading in and your trading requirements, you might need access to as many marketplaces at the same time. This data can help you come up with good trading ideas.

  • Trading Notifications

A trading app’s ability to send important and relevant notifications is critical. It’s impossible to keep an eye on the market at all times. Thanks to alerts and notifications, you won’t miss any significant market occurrences.

  • UI Design: A well-designed and user-friendly Application Feature

Everyone is aware of how tough it is to comprehend the financial markets. A good app should effortlessly provide you with critical information about minor changes, track market data from stock exchanges, and perform other important tasks.

  • Available on a variety of devices

The online trading app you’re planning to create should be compatible with various devices. It should be designed to be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices. You won’t be able to check the stock exchange with ease without this function.

  • Additional Characteristics

The above-mentioned features are required in a stock market app. There are a few additional features, though, that should not be disregarded. They assist users in a variety of ways. Static and market analysis, history of holdings, stock market utility integration, and customer assistance are some of the extra features of an excellent online trading app.

If you’re seeking the best online trading app in India, go no further than Jiffy mobile trading platform, which offers an enthralling User Interface and other advanced utility functions.

What Does Jiffy Have to Offer?

Jiffy Online Trading App by Choice India has a thorough understanding of how equity markets operate. With reduced account opening steps and ease of accessibility, the sophisticated Jiffy Online Trading App gives a quick and easy way to trade. Jiffy Mobile App includes features such as:

  • Trading Made Easy
  • The user interface that is Simple and Clean

With Choice India’s Jiffy app’s new reflexive swipe interface, you can navigate with ease and trade with a single click.

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  • Quick Consolidated Overview

On a single screen, you get to monitor real-time prices and trade on a scrip across multiple stock exchanges.

  • Preferences that are easily Customizable

Customize your online stock trading approach by choosing from a variety of market indexes, charts, research, and trade styles.

  • Overview of the Markets
  • Insights on the Market in Great Detail
  • Top Active Gainers/Losers by Value/Volume
  • Global Indexes
  • Spurts of IO
  • Filtered Watchlist

In each of the five Watchlists, you’ll receive 50 scrips to watch. Use Watchlist filters to narrow down companies, search for stocks, and sort them. Make use of these watchlists to plan your trades and portfolio.

  • Trading with Security
    1. Authentication using two-way factors
    2. To prevent unwanted access, an additional layer of secure authentication has been added.
    3. Face ID (iOS) and fingerprint (Android) security
    4. With 256-bit SSL encryption, data storage and retrieval are extremely secure.
  • Value Added Services
    1. There are no initial fees required
    2. There are no charges for opening a Demat Account associated with Choice India
    3. Trade at minimum rates
    4. Brokerage Fees at the Lowest Level
    5. Free Calling and Trading Service
    6. Free Research with a High Success Rat

Why Jiffy Trading App?

  • Customer Support

Excellent support experts are available via smartphone to assist you at all times.

  • Free Research and Advisory

Free technical and sophisticated research conducted by a professional research group of experts.

  • Trade in Multiple Segments

Choice India is registered on the NSE, BSE, MCX, ICX, and NCDEX. So, you can trade in all segments through the Jiffy trading app.

  • Trusted Name in The Industry

Choice India is a trusted name in the brokerage market, with over 25 years of expertise in the financial industry. You can make use of the insights made by the industry experts based on their analysis for years and make it useful for your trading pattern.

  • Advanced Charts & Studies

Charts on the Jiffy App will assist you in making educated judgments by allowing you to study markets intelligently. Jiffy App offers charts that are both powerful and flexible, with dynamic drawing tools and research choices.

  • Quick Buy and Sell

On the Jiffy mobile app, you can simply and quickly buy or sell, as well as place orders such as cover orders and bracket orders.

  • User Friendly Interface

Jiffy App’s user interface is simple to use. Even if your internet connection is slow or unreliable, you can trade at any time.

Jiffy is a Share Market App created by skilled traders for aspiring traders. With the amazing Jiffy Online Trading App, you can trade in complex markets with ease. Now is the time to download the Jiffy app and start growing your money!


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