A Guide to Buying A Car Insurance Policy for Lady Drivers

A Guide to Buying A Car Insurance Policy for Lady Drivers

One of the most common debates we come across is – “who are better drivers, men or women?”. The answer to this question is never completely satisfactory to both genders. However, regardless of who are better drivers, one thing that car owners must have is a motor insurance policy. The process of buying car insurance for women is not different from that of men and it does not require any special skill or knowledge. Read further to understand how to buy car insurance for women and important points to keep in mind

While buying car insurance specifically for women, it is important to make the best choice. Keep the points mentioned below in mind to make sure you avail the best car insurance policy:

  • Shop Around Before You Decide 

While buying car insurance it is important to look around, consider different insurance providers and policies before settling for one. Look for inclusions that match your requirements and buy a policy that provides maximum coverage for a low price. These days one can access all information on the internet. All that one must do is visit official websites and read customer reviews

  • Know the Type of Insurance You Require 

Remember that different cars attract different premiums. It is important to learn about the type of car you own, the dimensions, engine capacity, year of manufacturing, etc. Once a person knows all this it would be easy to understand the type of car insurance and additional covers needed that would best suit the car’s requirements

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  • Maintain a Good Driving Record 

Insurance providers pay a lot of attention to an individual’s driving record. Car insurers are likely to provide discounts if the driver has a good driving record. This is because the good drivers are less risky policyholders since they would not cause much damage 

  • Look for Women Centric Products 

While looking for car insurance policies, look for those which can be useful for women. For example, some insurance companies offer additional covers for roadside assistance, 24/7 customer care, breakdown services for a specific radius, etc. These covers can help during an emergency and provide crucial back up for lady motorists. One should consider such factors while buying a policy. 

  • Be Aware of Technical Terms

One must be aware of technical terms such as deductibles, IDV, additional covers, claim amount, sum assured, premiums, depreciation value, etc. One can also become a member of the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and avail of additional discounts of 5% or more while purchasing car insurance. (Make sure you cross-check the details, these can vary in time)

Process of Buying Car Insurance 

Online Process Car insurance can easily be bought online directly through the insurance company. Official websites of insurance companies offer a user-friendly experience where people can purchase any policy they want. This is a fast and secure process that does not require an agent

Offline Process This method requires a lot of paperwork. One can either approach an insurance company directly or hire an agent who can help understand various policies

Women are considered responsible drivers and it is possible that sometimes they might get car insurance for low premiums. Keep the points mentioned above in mind while buying a car insurance policy. To know more about car insurance, click here!


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