Five tips to stay safe from hackers while playing online games

Five tips to stay safe from hackers while playing online games

Technology provides us with incredible experiences, ranging from the ease of watching that movie we love, streamlining our work through some software, and having leisure time with many online games.

There is a wide range of games that will please everyone, and although titles like Counter-Strike and League of Legends are pretty famous, mobile games have been on the rise lately.

Regardless of your favorite gaming platform, PC, console, or mobile device, you might face a particular “threat”: To get your personal data hacked. So, to always have a good gaming experience, we’ve listed five tips to keep you safe from hackers while playing online games.

Only install official apps

One of the simplest ways malicious software can access your device is by installing third-party software and applications unavailable in official stores.

Let’s take the famous betting game Satta Matka for example. Fans of this game know better than installing any app that promotes it. So instead, they usually go with the Satta Matka Lottoland app, the official app of the Lottoland company. Apps from such an internationally trusted betting games provider are NOT a threat to your private data.

Also, you should avoid installing pirated software since they are illegal, which can ban your device and your accounts from the game servers.

It is worth mentioning that you may also face legal action for violating copyright laws by running pirated software on your system.

Be careful with your nickname

Nickname (or nick for the most intimate) is the nickname used in online games. New users will get to know you and communicate with you through a text or voice chat.

I like FPS games a lot (like Valorant and Fortnite). Although I think that chat is a primordial tool for these types of games, it is undeniable that many users are not ready for these tools.

Avoiding using your real name in these games is essential to ensure your online safety. Thus, you prevent other players from knowing your name and eliminate possible stalkers.

Keep control of your social networks

We just mentioned that potential stalkers could be a danger, but it’s not the only one for online gaming safety. Several developers integrate their games with social networks, be it a Google, Facebook, Apple account, or other services.

Although these connections can guarantee you bonuses, such as extra coins, more lives, or even a “skin,” they can give you an occasional headache because of a data breach.

Hackers can exploit particular vulnerabilities in the application and gain full access to your account, having access to your personal information, confidential data, and credit cards, leading to a series of online crimes.

To avoid these problems, always review and change your passwords after some time and keep your social networks private.

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Increasing access security

Almost all online games have a profiling system to make it easy to monitor your progress in competitive matches and match your gaming experience with people with similar skills.

It is essential to protect your online profile from potential hackers, who can steal your account and sell it to other players. To do this, always create strong, hard-to-guess passwords, ensuring that only you have access to your account.

Making it difficult to access your device is also a necessary precaution, and whenever possible, use combinations of characters that are impossible to guess. If possible, fingerprint or “face unlock” is an excellent choice.

Using a VPN can also be interesting. There are many videos online explaining this technology. In addition, VPN apps are available for many operating systems, and you can even find a quick installation guide online on how to download a VPN for iOS.

Update your device

Although we find some tips on the internet for users to keep their apps in outdated versions, a security tip that we always give here on the blog is to keep your system, games, and smartphone security apps always up to date.

Make sure your device has the latest antivirus software and security patches. They can provide protection against trojans, backdoors, and other malicious software tailored to break into the operating system.

Final considerations

Keeping your data safe from hackers while playing online is essential. By following these five tips, you will be able to play safely.

Remember to always do a little research before testing a new game to know that the platform with access to your data is trustworthy.

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