Frugal Living: 8 Tips to Save Money for a Big Purchase

Frugal Living- 8 Tips to Save Money for a Big Purchase

Our financial goals often include a big purchase that seems out of budget from our monthly income. It may require months of consistent savings to buy those heavy price tag items. However, you can save yourself a few troubles with the right strategy to save money before and on purchase.

The long-term goals that last more a than few weeks are prone to failure because of motivation. You feel tired because of constant budgeting and frugal living. Even with the motivation, it makes more sense to find possible ways to increase your savings or reduce get a better deal on the same item.

The Alternative of Savings

A plan without a deadline has more chances to fail than those without consistent pressure from an authority figure. The savings may seem like the ideal solution to purchase big-ticket items. However, it comes with the troublesome task of living with the constant temptation to spend more.

You can think of a part-time job or side hustle to increase your affordability for the big purchase. Credit cards are another option but their interest rates are exorbitant. Or, you can try short-term loans from direct lenders to buy the product with easy-to-manage installments.

Tips to Save Money for a Big Purchase

Saving money is the only option left if you don’t want financial support from a lender. It will require a serious commitment towards the goal to avoid the temptation for occasional splurges. Here are a few tips to save money for a big purchase without the overwhelming stress of budgeting.

Check for Alternatives

The materialistic goals are often driven by wants instead of necessity. Remember, you don’t have to pay a significant amount more for additional storage space in a new gadget if you don’t need it. Neither the addons in your car will come to use as much as the salesmen are trying to convince.

Therefore, you need to find a cheaper alternative to the product in your mind. Create a list of requirements and makes sure the items are essentials. Do not fall for the unreasonable arguments of your brain because of the temptations to become part of a social circle.

Also, check whether the used item will fulfill the purpose instead of buying it new. The price difference is substantial between a new and slightly used product. Though, the use remains the same with the same performance.

Open a Separate Savings Account

You should open separate savings account to start saving money for the big purchase. It will help track the progress more clearly than single savings account for every financial goal. Also, you will be less tempted to use the account for some other purpose.

Check your options to create a savings account as the interest rates differ with banks. Also, use the labeling feature to set a name for the account based on the goal. You should try some other bank than the existing one to reduce the temptation to raid it for some unnecessary expense.

Set a Timeline

 Always work on a goal with a set timeline to better track your progress. You will save money at a consistent rate with timelines and milestones. Though, you should use a reasonable timeline for the goal to avoid constant failures.

It is time to make changes to your plan if you are lagging based on the timeline. The timeline will also give relief from the stress of savings. You can relax and enjoy a small splurge if the savings outrun the timeline.

Automate Savings

You should not procrastinate the task to send money to your savings account for the end of the month. It makes people spend money because of the availability of funds. Thus, always complete the transfer as soon as the income is credited to your account.

Or, you can delegate the task of transferring the amount to your bank with the automated transfer. You will not feel tempted to use the fund if they are automatically transferred to your savings account.

Send Extra Money to Savings Account

You will receive cashback on your purchases throughout the year. Your banks or credit card provider may also provide special offers for using their services. Furthermore, the employers may give incentives for your excellent performance at the workspace.

The money in the above situations is additional to your income that remains outside the scope of your budget. You should transfer any similar extra income to your savings account. It will help you achieve your financial goals faster.

Do Not Let Emergency Derail the Timeline

People often put their financial goals on hold as soon as they encounter a financial emergency. It is a common practice that derails their timeline for those goals. Though, the act is not always necessary to manage your essential expenses during uncertain times.

You should try to continue the plan to save for the big purchase amid a financial crisis. Try to cut the cost of your luxuries or amenities to find ways to save money. If continuing the savings goal was not an option, you need to boost your efforts to save to return to the original timeline.

Cut the Amenities

Most importantly, you need to cut a few amenities or luxuries from your lifestyle to start saving money. The constant needless spending will derail you from the budget. It is a habit that often causes the failure of the most elaborated savings plan.

Changing your lifestyle overnight is incredibly difficult and may result in a certain failure. You should start with small changes and increase the efforts after making yourself comfortable with the new lifestyle. You can also savor those luxuries in life with occasional experiences instead of eliminating them.


To sum up, saving for a big purchase is simple if you have the right strategy. Open yourself to the changes in your lifestyle to create space in your budget for additional savings. Also, remind yourself of the goal and progress if you somehow tend to fail against the temptations.


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