How do you Make a Virtual Award Show More Interesting?


With the increasing prevalence of virtual events and virtual event platforms, the event industry underwent several advancements and improvements to make the virtual stage a breakthrough.
Like other online events, virtual award shows also received immense acceptance and became a popular choice for different industries, businesses, and organizations to appreciate their employees and celebrate their wins.
As virtual awards ceremony has not been a common practice, you might look for ways to make it more interesting, engaging, and interactive.
Let us walk you through some excellent ideas that you can incorporate into your future virtual award shows to make it a memorable experience for your attendees;

Make Use of Immersive Visuals

Show some creativity and try to design a visually rich background that will help you deliver impactful experiences. You can also consider choosing a 3D virtual award show platform to make your event bizarre and realistic. Today, virtual platforms with a 3D environment are offering an immensely positive impact on their attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. Participants are relishing the experience, and so are different business and industry leaders who are exploring several mobile event apps to enhance their brand value and engagement.

Use Compelling Sound Effects

You can ask your virtual event provider to include some exciting ideas and clapping sound effects that can be played in the background after an attendee is awarded. It will not only make your attendees feel special but will also help replicate the experiences of a physical award show.
But for this, it is vital to choose an all-in-one platform that can seamlessly include exciting features and innovations to promote engagement and make your online award shows a lucrative affair.

Keep Interesting Award Categories

Think of some imaginative titles for each award category that you wish to keep at your virtual award show. It will arouse a sense of excitement and suspense among the attendees. This strategy will help you keep your attendees hooked and involved throughout the virtual event.

Include AI-based Recommendations

It is an excellent feature to let the attendees connect, interact, and make significant relationships. Therefore, look for an ideal virtual event software that can facilitate AI matchmaking tools that will help you connect with like-minded people. We understand that during online events, people cannot simply jump into each other. AI-based recommendations help you with a list of people who share the same interest, thus making it way easier to begin meaningful communications.

Make Use of a Social Wall

A social wall is basically a social media wall that showcases event-specific content gathered from various social media handles. It can be user-generated, influencer, or branded content received through multiple event-specific hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, etc. This productive social media wall has been a great tool to promote engagement and make your virtual award show more successful. When you showcase event-related content on the social media wall, several participants get boosted to post about the event using the branded hashtags. It improves your social presence and spreads more awareness about your online award show.

Keep Customized Games

Including games at a virtual award show or any virtual event helps keep the audience hooked and involved throughout. It is a great means using which the participants will spend maximum time on the virtual platform. Hosting online events does not mean that you have to eliminate the fun part. Including exciting games in your virtual event can perhaps be an enjoyable experience for your attendees.

Games like guess the award, spin the wheel, crosswords, shooting games, etc, reduce the boredom of attending long sessions. You can consider including sponsored games that will allow the exhibitors to showcase their content, products, and offerings to the audience in a creative way.

To make it more exciting or to bring in a healthy competition, you can also include a leaderboard challenge. This challenge awards specific points to any participant who wins a game. And the top scorer can take away interesting prizes and rewards.

Include Breaks or Keep Shorter Sessions

It is easier to get distracted at virtual events as compared to on-site ones. To overcome diversions, plan shorter sessions or include breaks between. The sessions keep the participants interested and hooked throughout the virtual award show.

You can also try to have different speakers and be artistic while deciding the format of your event. With more creativity and diversity in formatting, the possibilities of the attendees getting diverted are reduced.

Also, remember to keep breaks just before an important session. So the attendees can revive themselves and, do not miss out on any important point or message.

Photo Booths

Along with other engagement tools that you wish to insert at your virtual award show. You can also include photo booths to keep the exhibitors, attendees, and sponsors engaged in your event.
After the virtual award ceremony begins, the participants can make use of photo booths during their breaks. They can take multiple photos and share them on their social media platforms to promote brand awareness. As well as the virtual award show.

Signature Wall

It is an interesting activity that you can include at your virtual award show. This specialty will enable the attendees to make the most of this digital signature wall. And pen down a loving memory of your organization or an employee towards whom they would like to express their gratitude.

Final Word

Hosting a virtual award show for your employees is an important and enjoyable event. Appreciating their efforts or celebrating their wins helps keep them motivated and inspires them to work harder. Therefore, understand the expectations of your attendees and organize an event to prioritize their engagement and experiences.
To make this simpler, choose your virtual award show platform very carefully. Make sure that your venue partner holds the capability to seamlessly incorporate all the latest features and tools that will help you make your event highly engaging, interactive, and successful.

We hope the above-mentioned ideas will help you plan even better virtual award shows.


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