How to Hire Remote Workers During a Labor Shortage


At the onset of the pandemic, layoffs were the norm of the day as many businesses packed up due to debt. The following year after the pandemic, we were struck with a labor shortage, and in the midst of that, the business world was hit with an anti-work movement demanding flexible hours at work and a pay rise.

No doubt, we have entered into a new phase of work. Both employees’ and employers’ needs have changed due to the pandemic, which led to a labor shortage. This has led to a change in the methods deployed to find, hire and retain talents.

How To Hire Remote Workers During Labor Shortage

The last few years have been tough for all business owners, particularly those who scaled through the effects of the pandemic. Now that the whole world is experiencing labor shortage, be must understand what caused labor shortage to know how to address it.

Causes Of Labor Shortage


The primary cause of labor shortage is the pay employers give their employees. Employees want to earn more, and in their words, they want to earn what they deserve. The inflation is causing employees to look for jobs with higher pay, but the vacant roles do not offer the pay they want.


The pandemic opened the eyes of many employees to the fact that they can work from home and still be twice as productive as they were in the office. This birthed a tussle between employees and employers as the former demands more flexibility while the latter is reluctant.


The pandemic made most employees rethink life. It is evident that most of those employees are only working to sort their bills, not because they are passionate about their jobs.

A survey carried out by Indeed showed that 92 percent of employees who left their work during and after the pandemic did that because they weren’t passionate about the job.

These three reasons are the front line factors that caused labor shortage. How do you then hire remote workers amidst this crisis?

Embrace Hybrid Work Model

The hybrid work model is the new work model employees embrace because it offers them the flexibility they want. When you embrace the hybrid work model, you pave the way to hire more remote workers than your competitors who refuse to embrace the new work model.

Collaborate With Experts

As an employer, you will have limited time to attend to all tasks; hence you can collaborate with experts to help with the recruitment process. PEOs can help you find talents anywhere in the world.

If you are in the manufacturing sector, mining minerals, processing cotton, and shipbuilding which are synonymous with Turkey, you can collaborate with Turkey PEO to help you find remote workers on your behalf. They also take charge of their payroll and other legalities based on your demands.


Incentives are part of what caused the global labor shortage. If employers can oblige with the demands of their employees, they will find it easy to hire and retain them for a long time.

The hybrid work model gives employees an edge over employers. Remote workers can work with multiple organizations simultaneously, so to hire them amidst this labor shortage, be prepared to offer them more perks than other organizations.

Showcase Your Company

Think of hiring in this present age as a sales pitch. Showcase your company and brag about it to lure remote workers because no one wants to work with a company that has nothing to offer aside from the pay.

Show the prospective remote workers why they should choose your company ahead of others. Showcase what you can offer them regarding benefits, flexibility, growth, and culture.

Also, don’t just showcase the perks your company offers; act on it. Nobody likes fake promises, and if you fail to act on your promises, it will lead to poor employee retention.


The business sector has undoubtedly undergone so many phases, and the current phase is labor shortage due to the tussle between employees and employers.

No employee wants to work just for working sake; they want to find comfort and passion in what they do, and most employers are reluctant to offer that.

Hiring remote workers amidst labor shortage will be complicated but not unrealistic, provided you can embrace the hybrid work model, incentivize, offer perks, and above all, collaborate with recruitment experts.


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