How Do Project Managers Motivate Themselves?


Motivation is something that keeps us going no matter what comes in the way. In every sphere of life including heading a project, motivation plays a major role in achieving the goals. A project manager is the highest and leading authority of that particular project and his personality has a trickle-down effect on his employees. If he is strong and confident about his capabilities and his team, then only the team can perform up to the mark. The team looks up to its leader, the manager but how a project manager does motivates himself. Today we are going to take a look at how project managers motivate themselves.

  • Self-Belief

Confidence and self-belief are the only resorts when leading a project. A self-motivated project manager believes in his capabilities and assures that his team is inspired by him. And self-belief is not a matter of days, it takes years to build this trait. And a good project manager also builds through years of hard work and experience. The focus here should be on experience and not merely passing years. After having worked assiduously on different projects and making them a success, a project manager earns the self-belief that keeps him going. And this confidence reflects in his subordinates as well and helps them shine.

  • Knowledge

Motivation and the confidence to shine through every project come from extensive and multi-disciplinary knowledge. Knowing the fact that he knows his job and has learned through others’ work and experience, a project manager gains the confidence to excel in every project. An important fact to understand here is that many managers and project heads avoid studying other people’s work and focus on their personal experiences only. But wise are those who learn from other people’s experiences. Relying on his experience along with keeping an eye on similar work done in past is the way you go about any project as a motivated project manager.

  • Certified Training

Practical training along with academic learning is another confidence-building factor. Utilizing academic knowledge in the form of workshops and training not only is a confidence booster but also widens one’s vision. An aware project manager is the one who dedicates special time to certified training no matter how much experience he would have gained. Some worth mentioning drill for project management is PMI and PMP Certified Training. Several leading management institutes are providing PMP Certification Training which is a must to keep oneself motivated and updated.

  • Being Open To Discussion

Collaboration of varied knowledge brings out the best. Accepting a variety of opinions and incorporating diverse knowledge makes a project successful and its project manager a hero. This openness to different views and ideas coming from his colleagues and even employees makes him aware of all the possible solutions and boosts his confidence. Falling short on ideas is the worst nightmare of a project manager but being receptive to his employees’ ideas is the solution here. Self-motivated project managers stay open to discussion to keep themselves motivated and going.

  • Skills

Skills have no alternatives. A skilled person can never go out of confidence including a project manager. Knowing your job and having the right set of skills for that is an enormous motivation and confidence booster. No matter how limited his resources may be or how small the company may be, a skilled project head knows how to cruise the ship through the storm. Skills also develop the courage to take risks and go the extra mile to achieve professional goals. Keeping a check on one’s skills and modernizing them with time is the key to success.

Final Words

Every project is more dependent on its manager than any other force. A project manager can either make it or break it. The last piece to this jigsaw puzzle is a motivated and confident project manager. And this set of traits can be achieved through believing in oneself, knowing your job, gathering required knowledge, incorporating varied ideas, and polishing one’s skills. These are the magical ingredients to create a perfect and successful project manager.

Hope you find this article informative and helpful in achieving your goals. Just believe in yourself and keep going!


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