How to Leverage Transactional Email Services for Business?

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All companies wish to have a vast clientele and sales base. Unfortunately, we often find our average open rates stagnant by email marketing solely after some time. Therefore for a successful business email marketing venture, a company must try investing in transactional emails. 

Email marketing with productive transactional emails can help a company intelligently reach its sales target without losing the quality of its customer services. Email marketing, once mingled with a transactional email facility, can not only grow your skates’ numbers or qualify your customer services but can bring both fixed and new clientele. Transactional email can focus on the targeted audience and help make one-timers your regular customers. In contrast, email marketing can help you find a new audience all at once. 

Apart from email marketing, what most businesses lack are transactional email services. A transactional email is sent to the client stating the commercial transaction between them and the company. 

Transactional email plays a significant role in email marketing for any venture. Here’s why:

  • Confirms the transactions made via mail  
  • Provides the customer with educational and informative tutorials 
  • Efficient with higher open rates 
  • Productive for customer service purposes 

Transactional email helps turn the brand’s identity and personality into a blueprint for the client and ensures their trust in the brand. 

Here are a few ways how you can leverage transactional email services for your business:

Order confirmation email 

Most companies, especially the online delivery industry, send an order confirmation email. This factor ensures that your client would want to ensure after placing the order is confirming the order. Such an email consists of a list of items or services that the client has placed an order for, along with their prices after the discount (if any) and the total price of the order. Such emails also ask the customers to fill out a confirmation form for more truthful information. This email helps the customer verify their purchase and know about the delivery status.

‘Order out for delivery.

To leverage your transactional emails, you must send out a delivery status of the order email. This mail must contain the location from where the order has been picked up for delivery and when the customer expects it to be delivered. In addition, this email must mention the dates and days to be taken for delivery, specifically for business days. This factor prevents the customer from worrying about their order not reaching on time. Many transactional email marketing companies also ask the customers how they’d like to receive their order.  

Package delivered 

A package delivered mail is as essential as a delivery status mail. This mail can prevent errors in delivery. It also helps you not lose a customer due to their frustration in calling customer services to redirect their order to the correct location in case of misplacement. In case of misplaced orders, help the customer by putting in the refund or return policies in such emails in bold 

Order refunded or returned 

It is stressful for clients when they wish to refund, return or cancel the order as they would want to ensure their money is refunded. The refund or returned email must have the order number and details. A confirmation of refund followed by the feedback form can do wonders for your customer services. 

Some quick tips to get maximum leverage from transactional emails:

  • Always add the transactional message towards the beginning of the mail to catch the attention of the customers.
  • Deliver as much information as possible towards the end. Avoid ending your mail with a simple ‘Thank you. The more the information, the better for the audience. 
  • Make sure the message you provide in the mail is uniform and consistent. Avoid shifting the topic in between.
  • Be particular and alert when it comes to timing. For instance, if you have to send an order confirmation mail, it must be sent immediately after the order has been placed.
  • Add social media buttons so that people can know more about your platform or business.
  • Although the message is transactional, personalization is necessary for better customer engagement. 
  • Do not continuously pursue your customers to buy something. Sometimes just interacting with them in the form of surveys or any other strategy can be beneficial in the long run.
  • Send transactional emails more often to update your target audience with your business on-goings.  


A transactional email plays a vital role to crack the code of customer services. For the initial to-do strategizing, transactional emails must have different modes of payment like for net banking – credit /debit/UPI cards, for online payment – options like Paytm/Gpay, etc. A transactional email can give the transparency that a customer demands. It can also contain offered discounts or coupons both in Cash on delivery orders and online paid orders. 



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