How To Record Whatsapp Video Call With Audio On Android Phones With TheOneSpy


How to record WhatsApp video call with audio on android phones with TheOneSpy

A lot of people are using the WhatsApp app with the use of personal cellphone devices. To be honest, WhatsApp provides benefits for their users in the term of video and audio calls. We can realize the technology shrinks the long-distance through the social messaging apps. Whatsapp has a lot of benefits like instant messages, audio-video calls, and sharing the data. That’s why people are more attracted to WhatsApp. Unfortunately, it can be more dangerous for kids while they use it. For example, spam calls, blackmailing, online harassment, or online bullies. It required to spy their all activities through the WhatsApp call recording app.

Whatsapp call recording app for android phones

It is noted, that the social messaging app allows the user to make audio or video calls. One of the important things is to spy on the activities of the social messaging application. As you concerning parents, want to spy all activities of your kid’s social media and want to know about them. So, the theOneSpy tracking application is helpful for the kids monitoring. It provides an opportunity to track all incoming or outgoing calls of the targeted device. People use it for the protection of targeted devices. It allows the user to the complete monitoring of digital devices. Parents use for their kid’s protection that provides the satisfaction for parents regarding their kids.

Kids cell phone usage and social media addiction

Kids are more attached to their cell phones and spend unlimited time. They didn’t like to use mobile devices. They spend much time with modern devices for their concerns. Kids don’t know how cell phone usage can destroy them. It affects their upbringing or is affecting their future goals; unfortunately, parents are bound to give smartphones to their kids. But, it can be more dangerous. They get access to social messaging apps like WhatsApp. They make long audio-video calls with others or sometimes with strangers. Now, do not worry if the kid is spending a lot of time with cell phones and other digital gadgets.

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Parents are the only ones who have more concern regarding their kids. Therefore, they want to monitor their activities for their safety.

Which is the best app to spy the WhatsApp calls?

A lot of monitoring applications are available for tracking and monitoring. But, TheOneSpy is considered the best monitoring application. It works for kids monitoring and employee surveillance. TheOneSpy provides a great opportunity to track android phones secretly and know their activities. It works with the great features of digital monitoring. Parents feel relax after using the TOS regarding their kids’ activities. Parents can easily spy on the targeted android phones. It can monitor all activities including WhatsApp video audio calls. In the latest era of technology, TheOneSpy provide the best way for kid’s protection from the harmful effects of technology.

Whatsapp video-audio calls recording feature

TheOneSpy provides an opportunity to spy on the targeted cell phones and their activities. It can monitor all incoming or outgoing calls of the targeted WhatsApp. It helps to track the calls in real-time. Tos allow the complete recording of live calls and listen to the conversation. In short, this app is useful for kid’s safety.

How to install the WhatsApp call recording app (TheOneSpy)

In the above paragraph, we mention the best monitoring app. then you need to know the complete installation procedure.
In the first step, you need to visit the official page of theOneSpy for monitoring. Then you have required the subscription to the WhatsApp call recording app. after it you should get physical access to the targeted android phone. In this step, you will receive an email of ID & password. In the final step, you will be able to get access to the web portal. Then you can start the further tracking of the targeted WhatsApp app.


TheOneSpy allows monitoring the android phones and social media apps like WhatsApp. WhatsApp call recording app is the best tool for parents to record and listen to record and listen to the WhatsApp VoIP calls on android phones. Now, you can check monitor and also record the WhatsApp voice and video calls. In short, TheOneSpy is an amazing app that is beneficial for parents.


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