How to Make the Most of This Lockdown?


Quarantine has turned the best of us into lazy, stressed and anxious people who are waiting for the days to be over. Staying locked up in the houses for more than a year is not an easy thing. However, we must, for the sake of our health. And who says we cannot enjoy these at our houses with our friends and family?

 Why not make the most of it while we still have the chance to spend time with our family? Because one thing that this quarantine has done is given us perspective of life. How little time we have in this world and how we should spend those moments with our loved ones.

Let us discuss a few ways you can enjoy this quarantine rather than spending them wondering what you could do in these anxious days.

Make a Routine

When you are scrambling with the thoughts of having no purpose in life, what you could do is give it a little meaning. Make a routine in the morning or a day before. Take small things that you want to do in that particular day and pen them down in a notepad.

This way, when you have completed a task, you can simply tick that off your checklist. It will make you feel like you have accomplished something in that day. You can even track them all down by analyzing how much you have done in a week or in a month. 


The existence of the pandemic has made us anxious of our own health. What we can do is put in a little effort to do cardio and spend some time on the treadmill that has been rotting in the basement.

If you are motivated enough, you do not even need a fancy machine to exercise. A lot of YouTube channels have dedicated themselves to bring positivity into other people’s lives. You can subscribe to any of them and find your trainer of the month. From exercises that can help in cardio to full body workouts, your days will slowly become healthy.

Eat Scrumptious Food

One thing that I have always adored is eating dinner with my family. And many people are still part of this little tradition where they don’t eat food alone in their room in front of the laptop screen.

But to make things interesting and memorable, you can cook food together. Make it a habit, once every week. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can always set up a nice dinner and order up some food. There are always coupons like the dinnerly promo code to keep you within the budget cuts for the month. The key is spending time together and making the most of it.

Keep in Touch

While we are fortunate enough to have our families with us in the quarantine, there are not many like us. A lot of people are far away from homes or away from their loved ones. I feel you, my friend.

But this is no excuse to sit down and spend your day in a worry. You can and you should keep in touch with your family and friends. Just because you both know that there are people awaiting each other’s presence. Call them up or fix up a video meeting. Get dressed if you have to. It is all part of knowing about each other’s lives.

Get inspired 

Being in such a state calls out for the time to indulge ourselves in what we love the most. I love writing and I wish to write a novel someday. What dreams keep you up at night? Ponder around what you want to spend time on and get the most out of it.

It doesn’t have to be something big. If you love playing the piano, focus on learning just one song. It won’t make you an expert but it will definitely pave your way towards it. If you love the idea of cooking, why not master one dish that you can present to Gordan Ramsay? It is the motivation after all that keeps you going.

Be Productive

What was the last thing you promised yourself you would do but then you either forgot about it or you didn’t get time to even think about it again? I am sure there must be a list because I have one too. Take that list out and do things that you have waited too long to do.

Even if it is something like reading, read a page. If you make it a habit, you will get something out of it. You can ask your family members to get involved as well. Watch a documentary together every week and discuss it later. It will keep you going and might keep you waiting for that day of the week to come faster. Get creative!


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