Hydraulic torque wrench power pack


The article will give you all the hydraulic wrench power pack details. What are the different wrenches and torque available in the pack? We all know that all the equipment will work in their manner at the performing time. Read the article below for better work and knowledge of the tool’s features.

Hydraulic torque wrench power pack

The torque pump power pack consists of many pumps. Whether you talk about air-driven pumps, electric pumps, or had engine pumps. All the pumps will perform their work in the best manner. Some pumps are there that require a permit for hot work. And it gets happened due to the presence of electricity.

To work all these hydraulic torque wrenches, the pumps work with the wrench. And the connections (hose) get set up so that the notch will not get hooked up. To make the connections, you do not have to worry about it. All the steps are very easy, and you can perform the connection with some easy and quick steps.

Different types of the hydraulic wrench power pack

Here, we will give you the different types of tools in the hydraulic wrench power pack. You will get the various sets in the pack, and these sets will help you efficiently do your work. 

  1. RHP-series (large flow hydraulic torque wrench pumps):

The Hydraulic torque wrench power pack gives full efficiency compared to the other available pumps. Such pumps will also give you 50% high speed. These pumps are mainly designed for better durability. The price of the pumps is not so high. One can easily afford the pumps for working in their industrial area.

Along with a reasonable price, the pumps are easy to carry with such lightweight. Further, it also increases the reliability of the heat sink with the presence of the advanced heat external sink. And a cooling system is also installed in the pumps to help maintain the system cool.

  1. PEA4-9-220 (Electric Hydraulic torque Wrench pumps):

The PEA4-9-220 is a type of Hydraulic torque wrench power pack. The torque pump is an electric pump that works smoothly at every place. And it has a good voltage, I.e., 220. The frequency of the PEA4-9-220 pump is 50 HZ. 

The hydraulic torque wrench pumps have a good oil capacity, I.e., 6L and 1.3 KW power. And the working pressure of the pumps lies within 700 bar and 10000 psi. The net weight of the electric hydraulic torque wrench power pack is 30kg.

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  1. JEA2-9 Gas Engine Driven (Hydraulic Wrench Pump): 

The JEA 2-9 consist of an engine wrench that offers a tank with an oil capacity of a minimum of 33L. Along with the gas engine, it also consists of pressure, I.e., 700 bar. When we talk about the flow rate, then the low-pressure flow rate is 2-9, further which becomes 10L per minute

Maximum, the flow rate of high pressure is 1.1 L. And it can tolerate the weight of up to the weighs 45 kb with the size 620,415, 420. Get the JEA2-9 stock, and you will get the delivery of the hydraulic torque wrench power pack within 7-8 days.

  1. RLP Series (Electric Hydraulic Wrench pumps):

The RLP is another typE of Hydraulic torque wrench power pack. This electric pump is 220 volts. And it comes with a frequency of 50 HZ. The power capacity of the pump is 1.3 KW. And the pump has an oil capacity of 6 L.

These working pressures of the torque wrench power pack vary between 700 bar and 10000 psi. The pump has a net weight of 30kg. Get the hydraulic tool from the hydraulic torque wrench power pack at the best price. And you will get the tool within minimum days.

Safety of equipment of hydraulic power pack pumps

Safety is the priority a user has to give himself while doing the work. The high-pressure tool and the powerful mechanical arms will increase the chances of injury. So, while working, the user must use the tools best. 

A Hex technology recommends the site and makes the hydraulic tools for safe use. And it provides the training to work for the better working with the given tools. Make sure that you are depressurizing the hose before using its use. And whereas some hydraulic power pack tools will not work end to end due to the availability of the circle wrapped around it. 


From the above, you can conclude that you can use any given pumps for the best use. Each pump has its best usage. All the pumps can work differently from each other in weight. You can get any product from a hydraulic torque wrench power pack. We will ensure that we will give you the product within a minimum of days. All the modes of transportation are available. 


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