Know Thy Bed: The Most Common Materials That Make up Your Mattress


You may be enjoying your bed, but do you know what makes up your bed? Do you know how those materials affect your health or even influence your mood? Knowing each material used for your bed is very helpful. It is informative and helps you decide on some factors in buying your mattress.

Your bed is constructed from several materials, and each has its function. It also has its advantages and disadvantages. So it makes sense to know them to get a guide on your next purchase of a new mattress.

The Foam

When used in mattresses, the foam achieves the desired firmness of the bed used as the main bed surface or toppers. Foams are versatile, and they can be used for any best mattress 2021 has to offer. These foam are the common types that you use in your beds.

  • Memory foam is used in a memory foam mattress or a topper to a hybrid bed like those made with a wooden frame or a spring base. This type of foam has different densities that quickly adapt to pressure and easily conform to your weight.
  • Latex foam – this foam comes from natural material from a rubber tree sap. It is used in beds like a latex foam mattress, innerspring, and hybrid mattress. Since it is natural, using latex foam to your bed prevents you from getting those allergens like molds, dust.
  • Gel foam – this foam type helps dissipate the temperature across the bed surface. Gel foam is commonly infused with memory foam to make your memory foam mattress more relaxed and flexible.  

The Bed Frame 

A bed frame is often made of wood or metal. Wood frames are the most commonly used because they are sturdy, reliable, and make little noise. You quickly paint wood to match any color hues of the bedroom.

Wooden bed frames usually use pine woods or oak wood. These types of wood are very versatile when converted into lumber for bed fames. 

Most recommended and most preferred, it can withstand the test of time.

Another popular bed frame material is metal. Metals can make many artistic designs that add an artsy bed frame. It can easily be painted and works well with many different colors.

However, a metal bed frame presents a handful of negative reviews such as:

  • Paints easily fade away
  • More squeaky
  • Not as durable and safe

The Upholstery

The bed’s upholstery makes up the outside appearance of your mattress. It is fitted to secure the foam, acts as padding, or gives added support to the entire construction of the bed. And most of all, it provides an external appeal to the look of your bed. Such materials are fabrics like polyester, wool, cotton, and leather. You can also see nylon, rayon, velvet, and polypropylene fabrics as upholstery.

Different materials bring different impacts to the bed. Like if you use a piece of cotton fabric, it is more relaxed than using polyester. Or, if you choose to use smooth or shiny material, you will use nylon or rayon fabrics. While others also select a durable material like leather. But it would never be difficult to choose because options are endless. You may even want to customize your bed upholstery as you wish.

The Mattress Coils

A mattress coil is also known as mattress springs or coil springs. Its primary use is to support the layers for innerspring mattresses, which gives that bouncy and springy feel. There are many types of spring coils used in your beds, and the most common are:

  • Marshall coils – these coils are known as pocket coils used in pocket-coil mattresses. The coils are individually encased when used in beds to make each spring work independently.
  • Continuous coils – this spring type comes from multiple springs connected in a longitudinal lacing to create a constant length and a collective strength. It is the least expensive type of coil, which is among the most popular coil springs used in an innerspring mattress.
  • Offset Coils – an offset coil is an hourglass-shaped spring packed in individual casings when used in mattresses. Offset coils provide custom-contouring, which you usually experience in an innerspring bed.

Bed Center Support Legs

A bed center support leg is an extra and adjustable furniture foot that supports the bed frame and ultimately adjusts the bed. It is designed to prevent premature sagging, preserve the bed’s lifespan, and protect your floor from unsightly scratches. A bed center support leg has a unique extension that makes your bed easily adjustable between specific heights.


Often, when you buy a mattress, you are attracted to the external appearance of the bed and sometimes do not bother to mind what materials are inside that made it. Now that you have this list, you already have the basic information about buying your next mattress. Ensure that you get every detail and specification of each material to get the best quality of mattress you want to buy.


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