Lifestyle Gift Ideas For Brothers


In order to lead a lifestyle of class and statement, one needs to have some accessories and usable items that come in handy in daily life. And that brings us to the idea of sharing some lifestyle items with you that you can choose from to make your brother smile. Your deep love and care for your brother are undoubtedly among all types of gifts and other materialistic things, but a gifting gesture from time to time can stuff his heart with countless happiness. 


Even though giving as a wallet or purse gift may seem a bit old style, everyone must have heard the saying ‘Old is Gold’. It may be safer and more convenient to keep money in a wallet than directly in a pocket. A wallet can be a good option as a gift for boys. Even though your brother already has a wallet, you can upgrade his style statement by gifting him a new one. You can choose to send a wallet to your brother along with online Rakhi delivery to UAE.


Boys are also very fond of shoes. Shoes are no longer just a hobby but a bold and noticeable fashion statement. Sports, casual or formal shoes can be gifted to boys according to their choice or need. Such a gift can be of great use to them. You can ask your brother about his interest in shoes and whether he likes sneakers or high tops or boots. There are so many shoe brands bringing new designs and upgraded shoe styles.

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Wrist Watch

Be it office goers or college goers, boys, often love to wear watches. In such a situation, a wristwatch can also be given as a gift to the boys. You can gift your brother the latest model wristwatch according to your budget and choice. If we talk about the latest model, then a watch with metallic chain straps is quite classy and can be in your budget as well. So this watch can be a smart gift for boys. Also, this watch tied on his wrist will remind him of you every day.

Laptop Bag

The laptop has become very important in the era of technology, and nowadays, most boys are using laptops. In such a situation, you can gift him a laptop bag that keeps the laptop safe. You can choose a laptop bag that is not only sturdy but also lightweight to carry. Apart from the laptop compartment, the bag should also have a place to keep tabs, mobiles and other essentials. It is not necessary that it should be used only for laptops. One can also keep books and notebooks in it.

A Shirt

A cool idea can be to gift a shirt or t-shirt to your brother. This is one such gift that boys can like very much. Buy shirts or t-shirts, keeping your brother’s preferences in mind. If you want, you can give him a formal shirt or a casual shirt or a T-shirt according to their profession; there are so many clothing websites to explore. Look for a shirt in detail, such as print and fabric, as it must look good and must feel good.


Perfume or a Deo keeps the person fragrant and fresh, due to which the mood of the person also remains refreshed. As a gift for your brother, giving him his favourite perfume or Deo can also be a good option. You can give an imported perfume to your brother on his birthday or any other occasion, such as Raksha Bandhan. The fragrance will not only give him a feeling of freshness but will also remind him of you always.


The pen is such a thing which is useful for everyone. Even though now the era of computers and mobile phones has come, the importance of the pen has not ended. A good pen can also be given as a gift to boys. A pen gift is a cool gift and very special too. A pen can be a good option to give a gift to your brother for an exam or just because he loves to write. 

One at an occasion or a combo of two or more; the choice is yours!



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