Massage Therapy Approaches to Know Before Applying for Training


Choosing the right approach when selecting a massage therapy school is essential for quality training. ABM College is one institution with the best massage therapy courses calgary. You can never go wrong when you choose them. Are you thinking of becoming a massage therapist specializing in a specific approach and are now looking for the best school for you? Here are some approaches offered in different institutions that can guide you in decision-making.

Choose the Right Approach

All massage therapy schools offer similar training, but with differences that can greatly influence the direction your career as a massage therapist will take after your studies. There are two major approaches to massage therapy that are taught in schools; some schools focus on one, others on both:

The Biomechanical Approach

The biomechanical approach in massage therapy is based on the anatomy and physiology of people. It aims, above all, for the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system by promoting joint movement as well as blood and lymphatic circulation to achieve balance and allow the body to regain its vitality. This approach is based on science.

Several of the best-known practices fall into the category of biomechanical approaches:

  • Swedish massage
  • sports massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Physiotherapy

This approach offers professionals a large and diverse clientele looking for the relief of a specific tension or simply for the general relaxation provided by these techniques. The biomechanical approach is, in a way, better known to the general public and is present in the majority of massage therapy centers, spas, and private practices.

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The Energy Approach

The techniques that are classified in the category of the energy approach in massage therapy are used to help the client find the well-being and harmony of body and mind. This approach is often part of a personal approach when he becomes aware of his life and everyday stressful situations.

This approach works mainly at the psychomotor level, that is to say, that the massage therapist will guide his client towards a state of relaxation and awareness, which reduces tension and stress, improving at the same time well-being. physical.

Many of the practices that make up this approach are derived from the principles of traditional oriental medicine. Although the energy approach is not based on empirical science like biomechanics, its benefits are recognized and sought after by a large clientele, which is growing more and more.

You will recognize some of these practices:

  • Shiatsu
  • Reiki
  • Thai massage
  • The polarity massage

The energetic approach will offer the graduate great possibilities and a curious and developing clientele. A particularly interesting choice if you want to work on your own!

Learn About Teachers

You have chosen your school according to the approach that interests you, but have you checked whether the teachers are competent and recognized? After all, they are the ones who will pass on to you the knowledge that will build your practice and make you a competent massage therapist.

Does the massage therapy school you are interested in offer a register of teachers with details of their professional background so that you have an idea of ​​who will be teaching you? Do these teachers have the qualifications required to teach their courses?

So many questions to be answered before registering; not all schools recruit the most qualified teachers!


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