Founded in 1993, SuperMicro is one of the largest providers of 5G network, edge computing, GPU systems, computer and AI building blocks, IoT, and disruptive high-performance computing server technology. Today, the company has risen to be among the Fortune 1,000 companies, and it operates in more than a hundred countries. So far, the company has shipped more than 1.2 million server and storage nodes to rank among the top server vendors in the world.

Products from SuperMicro 

SuperMicro offers a 5G network optimized for next-gen technologies. They offer disaggregated servers running on sustainable platforms that support data centers in virtual 5G Core and on cloud. Further, the company offers its solutions on virtualization and multi-node Twin architecture. Their GPU HPC server systems use AI and machine learning training for better operations. 

Other products include virtualized 5G RAN, Edge AI, and IoT devices. SuperMicro realizes that the number of devices that connect to the internet has gone up. By leveraging advanced technologies and product designs, they are able to offer ultra-reliable computing solutions. They partner with several Software providers to create solutions for smart cities, intelligent retail, and industry 4.0 among others. Their solutions are geared toward solving the problems that come with the high volumes of data created when so many devices are connected to the internet. 

Cloud Computing Solutions for All Operations 

SuperMicro creates products and solutions for different industries. They offer great solutions for the retail industry with AI-based solutions for hoteliers and retailers. Using technologies, such as Enterprise 5G, digital signage, virtual and augmented reality, digital analytics, and kiosks, retailers can enhance customer experience. The Edge architecture provided by SuperMicro can support several workloads with ease for diverse applications. 

For Industry 4.0, SuperMicro creates several solutions for device connectivity at the Edge. With these solutions, players can create better automated technologies and enhance the efficiency of their operations. The use of AI and vision-based controls enable players in Industry 4.0 better the quality of their products, improve worker safety, and create more revenue. The solutions are optimized to work with different computer architectures. 

The SuperMicro also provides tech solutions for smart cities and smart spaces. Its advanced connected applications, visual computing, and AI inferencing allow smart spaces to create better intelligent surveillance, efficient incident reporting, and allow authorities to respond to incidences faster. Even better, the solutions support V2X, making pedestrian safety, parking, traffic, public transportation, and self-drive vehicles easier for cities to handle. 

One Milestone After Another

SuperMicro was founded in San Jose, USA. A year after its launch, the company was supplying its solutions to more than a third of NA systems companies. A few years later, they created the first ever x86 DP server boards. In 1997, the company created the first-ever server boards for Pentium II and Intel Pentium Pro. Some of the other solutions the company has released include:

  • High-Performance 1U Servers 
  • Dual Intel Xeon Server
  • Rack server systems 
  • 64-bit 1U Intel Itanium platform
  • Platforms created with PCI-E and DDR2
  • AMD Solutions
  • Low-voltage Intel® Xeon® server solutions
  • Server Building Block Solutions

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Most of the solutions that the company launched were the first of their kind. The server systems offered by SuperMicro enable the creation of the highest efficiency data centers. In 2018, the company was ranked as the third largest server system provider according to IDC rankings. With the expansion of its space in 2021, now the company has more than 3 million square feet of manufacturing space.

The company also supplies building blocks or hardware for IoT, storage optimized servers, and workstations. You can shop for network solutions, motherboards, chassis, and accessories among others. For the U.S. market, everything is manufactured in Silicon Valley in collaboration with other technology companies. 



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