Mircari Review – Is Mercari Right For You?


Mircari is a Japanese e-commerce platform that was founded in 2013. The company operates in the United States and Japan. The company’s primary product is its Mercari marketplace app. The app was launched in Japan in July 2013, and has since expanded internationally. Mercari users can purchase items and services from sellers across the world.

Hybrid of Poshmark & EBay

If you’re looking for an alternative to eBay and Poshmark, Mercari may be the right choice for you. This free app lets you sell almost anything. You can list your items in different price brackets, which attract different types of bargain shoppers. Mercari is also a lot easier to use than its rivals.

Social Chat Feature

Mercari’s listing process is easy and offers a social chat feature. Additionally, you can use the website’s shipping calculator to get discounted shipping rates from a variety of couriers. Mercari offers free shipping to buyers who purchase multiple items. To avoid shipping fees, make sure that you know the exact weight of the items you are selling.

Poshmark is more complicated than Mercari. Its sellers can upload listings from their mobile devices or desktop computers. Each listing can contain up to 12 photos. In contrast, Mercari users don’t have access to a customer support line. In case of a problem, Poshmark’s customer service is available by email, but it takes two business days to resolve an issue.

Free Shipping

While Mircari does charge for shipping, you can choose to receive your package for free. If your parcel is lost or stolen, Mercari will compensate you. This is not the case with Amazon. The service does charge for a flat rate of $5.99 for shipping to Hawaii. Otherwise, the shipping charges are low, making it a good choice if you’re trying to save money on shipping.

Another advantage of Mircari is its international reach. You can buy and sell products from a wide variety of countries. You can even search from multiple countries. The site accepts PayPal and Apple Pay for payments. You can also pay in installments.

Seller Protection Platform

Mircari is an online marketplace that offers seller protection for its members. This feature helps protect sellers from non-compliant sellers. Non-compliant sellers are sellers who engage in communication outside of the marketplace. In cases of non-compliance, the platform provides protection for up to $200.

Post Vague or Inaccurate Descriptions

Mercari also offers buyer protection. If a buyer is unhappy with the item, the platform will refund the price. However, this is only available if the item does not match the description. Dishonest sellers often post vague or inaccurate descriptions. Therefore, it is important for buyers to avoid purchasing items with no clear description. Additionally, Mercari offers buyers a way to ask questions before placing an order. This feature also allows buyers to check on seller activity and item availability.

How to Make Money Selling on Mircari

Mercari has a seller protection program that will reimburse you if an item is lost or damaged. Without this protection, Mercari will not honor any claims. Therefore, sellers should make sure that they include it in their listings. However, sellers should be careful when listing items that could be returned due to damage or a misdescribed item.

On Mercari, you can choose to have your item advertised publically or in a limited private section. In either case, you’ll receive notifications from “likers” who are enticed to make an offer. This feature works great when you don’t want to risk scammers, as you can quickly drop your prices later.

To avoid buyer fraud, sellers should be cautious when listing items on Mercari. Be sure to check the listing’s description and photos before accepting a sale. Some scammers will sell you items that are not authentic, and they won’t be willing to refund your money. Mercari also offers Mercari Seller Protection, which provides protection for its sellers against fraud.

Final Words:

Sellers can choose to use Mercari’s “Smart Pricing” feature, which allows them to change their price based on demand. The company will then notify potential buyers. This feature lowers your earnings, but it’s worth noting that Mercari doesn’t charge a listing fee. It does collect 10% of the sale price.


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