Modern Kitchens: 7 Ideas If You’re About to Renovate


It is both exciting and frustrating to renovate a kitchen. This is the space you love the most, and it requires a significant investment in terms of cost.

It is important to clarify your ideas and to know what needs to be done to make it functional, and what needs to be done to make it beautiful. Each kitchen has inspiration from a professional.

1. If you desire elegance, add black

This type of kitchen is a popular kitchen furnishing trend, and it has been introduced in both small details and a complete look. Let’s discuss black, the most fearsome and fascinating color.

These kinds of the kitchen have a rustic feel and black is used as a counterpoint. It manages to create a balance between refined elegance and rusticity. The island and ceiling spotlights convey efficiency and functionality while giving the space a modern look.

2. Use wallpaper to make your kitchen more fun

Wallpaper is not a new concept for homes. It is now a common feature in every environment. A few meters of wallpaper can transform the entire kitchen’s look.


On the other hand, there are times when owners simply want to see a change in their kitchen. That is, it is possible that it is a functional room, even that it has good accessories and furniture, that the countertop is still in good condition, that the color of the walls is not worn or that the lighting is perfect. But they’re tired of seeing the same thing every morning and that’s enough for them to decide to remodel the entire room.

Changes are good and invite renewal. Therefore, adding a different color to the kitchen wall, choosing furniture that matches the accessories, placing plants, changing the lighting, will undoubtedly make the owners satisfied. There is no limit, you can make the modifications you want, as long as your pocket allows it.

3. The functional and beautiful snack counter

It is possible to place a snack counter in even small spaces. This not only divides the space but also helps to make it seem larger.
The large kitchen is used for preparation and it is very easy to maintain order. The containers are all opaque and have smooth surfaces without any grooves or moldings that collect dust. He also considers how to cut down on the cleaning time in the next kitchen renovation.

4. The glass allows for dialogue, but not just on the sidelines.

A desire to have one kitchen and living room often come with the fear of having the same smells or other problems in the kitchen contaminate the rest of your house. If you are renovating your house, it is possible to remove the wall between the spaces and separate them when needed.

Bounse tip:

It is important to maximize every inch of space. One or two islands in the kitchen can be a great idea if you have enough space. This will give you more lighting and allow you to integrate your kitchen with the rest.

There are other options for small kitchens, such as furniture with simple lines and light colors or furniture that is curved and simple. In extreme cases, you can even eliminate walls to create space for an island.

This kitchen shows how a transparent partition wall can add brightness to the environment as well as being strategic from a functional standpoint. 

5. There are many low cabinets, but no wall units

Many people are looking to renovate their kitchens and prefer the option of a kitchen with no wall units.
It is easier to see the kitchen’s volumes and lines when there are no tall containers. This makes it more discrete in an area that also doubles as a living and dining room. It is important to remember that cooking should be practical and efficient. If you don’t want wall units, we can recover storage spaces from the lower portion.

6. create continuity

It is enjoying a moment of great success. It becomes the hub around which all the talk of people waiting to eat or cook in the kitchen revolves.
The kitchen island can be a great way to keep the living space in harmony with the rest of your home, even though it is not always large enough. . It has an open compartment in which objects can be found for reading, the kitchen, and storage containers that are useful for the entire family.

7. Flexibility is a strength in the kitchen

We don’t always have enough space in our kitchen, as we mentioned before. We often find ourselves having to sacrifice the dining room for special occasions, and instead use the same table every day. It is difficult to find a table that is comfortable for six to eight people when it is used for three.

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