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Apple Phone Fast Charging Line from Amazon

I experience this Apple phone fast charging line from amazon, testing after the experience feels good. The price is only about half of the official website, but the fast charging effect is good, so to share under. If you don’t want to spend too much money on official data lines, take a look at this one.

Price and Specification

I believe that for most domestic users, apple all official accessories are priced expensive (expensive). However, at present, Apple phone randomly attached plugs are still all 5V/1A slow charge. And the line does not support fast charging, and for the price of up to 1547 $, iPhone XS Max is the same.

Want to achieve a fast charge like an Android phone. We can only bear to spend 8 $ to buy an official fast charge line? Today, I’ll share with you a recently launched support for Apple PD fast charging data line: small white C to Lightning-fast charging line.

Damage and Warranty

Small white C to lightning-fast charging line using environmentally friendly paper packaging, the front of the packaging is print with the actual effect of the product map but also printed with the commitment of a 2-year warranty. Relatively everyone knows that the data cable in digital accessories is the most vulnerable to damage, and small white C to Lightning-fast charging line commitment of 2 years only not repair (non-human), this confirmation makes people feel more comfortable! The back and side of the package are printed with some characteristics of the product, detailed parameters, and so on.


  • Small white C to Lightning fast charging line length 1.2mi, the price is lower (3$)
  • Lightning interface using Apple original 8-pin C94 terminal head
  • Non-human damage, 2 years only not repair.
  • The feel is a little worse than apple’s official 149 fast charge.

Apple Updates

At present, Apple has launched a number of new products and opened pre-orders, followed by operating system updates.

In the early hours of September 21st, just in time for mid-autumn, Apple unveiled its new iPad OS 15 system. For iPad users, the most important thing to care about is. What features and experiences the new system will bring them. There’s not much new about iPad OS 15.

Update and Specification

Specifically, with the update of the iPad OS 15 system. Users can have widgets and various apps display on the home screen page for more information. IPad OS 15 also includes an app library. That automatically categorizes apps and also finds Ipad OS 15 prices in Pakistan.

Many devices have a note function that allows you to quickly record information. But the iPad OS 15’s Quick Memo feature is more practical, allowing you to quickly call up quick memos, enter ideas and add links in apps such as Safari. And then easily return to your previous page.

IPads 15 Introduces

Then there’s the new look of the system. IPads 15 introduces Focus Mode, which filters notifications based on the tasks the user is currently working on. At the same time, redesigned notifications add contact photos and larger app icons to make it easier for users to identify.

The new privacy feature is a highlight of the iPad OS 15. For example, on iPad OS 15, Siri goes a step further in protecting user privacy, which means that Siri performs better by using device-side speech recognition, where the user’s voice from Siri is handled entirely on the device by default.

Of course, iPad OS 15 has many features, such as FaceTime audio and video has been greatly improving, which these users can experience in practice.

Currently, iPad Mini 4 and subsequent models, iPad Air 2 and subsequent models, iPad (fifth generation) and successor models, and all iPad Pro models can upgrade iPad OS 15.

Something Else

Apple’s handsets have a large share of the global market, which is inseparable from its fluid systems, self-researched processors, and excellent experience. Recently, the iPhone 13 series of new machine parts of the configuration has been exposing on the Internet. Many netizens call “Thirteen Xiang”, then the iPhone 13 at the end where the fragrance. Waiting for CNMO for you to come together.

Tuch with us more information about electronics and accessories. Like wireless charging technology is now maturing, but is still limited by a small wireless charging base. recently, Motorola presented a new generation of space charging technology at the Lenovo innovation technology conference. according to Motorola, the technology is not limited to power supply locations and does not require charging wires. if wireless charging technology is changing the way people charge, then air-to-air charging technology will change the way people live.


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