Resumes, Human Resource Management, And Interviews Facts


A resume is a formal document that a job applicant creates to list his or her qualifications for a certain job. More often than not, it is sent along with a cover letter of their profile. It is the document that displays the applicant’s desire to apply for a particular position at an organization. It shows essential details about the candidate and highlights the most important information for professional use.

The following are some facts about resumes:

  • An average of 5 to 7 seconds are spent by recruiters just looking through resumes.
  • Due to amateurish email addresses used by applicants, 76% of all sent-out CVs are rejected.
  • 88% of resumes are declined because of an unprofessional picture on the resume.
  • 79% of job seekers believe they will use social media in their job search, with 86% of job seekers under the age of 35.
  • An average of 250 CVs are submitted for all job postings in companies. Out of those, 4 are sent out the invite for an interview while only one candidate is selected.
  • The majority of resumes (about 90%) are supplied digitally via mail.
  • A single mistake on your resume can cost you your ideal job. Resumes that lack proper formatting is declined by recruiters.
  • Incomplete resumes and job applications account for 53% of all resumes and applications.
  • 70% of college students polled claimed they would lie on their résumé to get a job.
  • Employers prefer those people who ideally have work experience. 91% of the time, people with work experience are preferred. Ones who have relevant work experience, 65% of the time are selected.
  • Millennials now make up 45% of the workforce, making them the most well-represented generation.
  • One of the main reasons why 50% of job openings go unfilled is a wage disparity.
  • Millennials are seeking those people who fit their company’s culture, followed by career chances, according to nearly 80% of them.
  • According to 50% of employees, the company’s image is essential to them, and they would prefer it to more compensation.

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Facts About Human Resource

  • 60% of job seekers withdraw their applications: Some job applications are exceedingly lengthy and difficult to understand, which may deter job seekers. Because they found the application to be too cumbersome and confusing, 60% of them dropped out of the onboarding process.
  • Following a terrible interview, 83% of candidates alter their views and opt not to work there, whereas, after a positive interview, 87% of candidates alter their minds and decide to work there.
  • 75% of talent and hiring managers utilize the software. The bulk of HR professionals appeared to have made the switch to digital. The reason for this is simple: recruiting software makes the onboarding process and data access much easier.
  • 70% of businesses evaluate employee data. A lot of corporations plan to use data and statistics in human resource management through the advancement made in software development. This is an increasing trend, and it appears that within a few years, every company will have implemented staff and recruiting software.
  • Empathy is regarded to be an extremely important aspect in building success by 96% of respondents. When we look at employee retention statistics, we can see that empathy is highly valued. Even 96% of individuals agree that knowing and being aware of others’ emotions is an important part of employee morale and retention.
  • Engaged employees are 21% more productive. When firms keep their employee’s motivation boosted and increased, it is ultimately able to generate more money. Certain studies have proven that more inspired people create 21% more benefits than those who are not.
  • The corporation loses 33% of a worker’s annual salary when they leave. The costs of hiring, training, and onboarding new employees are well-known to all employers.
  • Companies devote a significant amount of time and money which would make sure that an employee that is leaving is properly replaced. According to some studies, losing an employee can cost a business up to 33% of its annual salary.
  • 34% of workers will quit if they feel undervalued at work. Information from human resources displays that employees stay more motivated when they receive appreciation and respect at their place of work.
  • 92% of managers think they’re doing a great job. Out of all the HR statistics available to small firms, one stands out. Almost every manager, 92 out of 100, thinks they are doing a good job of managing their personnel. The fact that just 67% of employees agree with this conclusion adds to the amusement factor.

Facts Regarding Interviewers

  • Interviews are about 40 minutes long.
  • In a survey of 2000 interviewers, 33% said they knew whether they would hire a candidate within the first 90 seconds or not.
  • 70% of interviewers believe the candidates are too fashionable.
  • 67% of respondents claimed an application was turned down for a job because they couldn’t make eye contact.
  • Candidates who do not know a lot about the firm are often rejected for this lack of knowledge. It has been observed that 47% of applicants were declined for this reason.
  • Personal characteristics also play quite a huge role in interviews. Lack of vocal clarity, as well as the levels of confidence, determine the outcome by a huge shot. A lack of a grin can also hurt your chances of being selected.
  • Hirers also turn down those candidates 33% of the time who do not display an appropriate posture during the interview.
  • Handshakes also matter in your chances of being selected. 26% of the interviewers find a shaky handshake to be unsatisfactory and tend to reject such applicants.


The perfect template for a resume does not exist. However, some recommendations will help you create, format, and design a resume that will highlight your best skills, accomplishments, and value to a possible new company. All professionals, managers, and executives should follow these guidelines and statistics to their advantage, especially when they are also provided with these facilities on a free online resume builder.

Hope you learned something new from these interesting facts regarding resumes, HR, and interviews in the article.


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