SEO services that can benefit your company

SEO services that can benefit your company

New York state is among the wealthiest states in the United States. It has a GDP of over $1.7 trillion or 8% of the US total. High technology, finance, insurance, real estate, and health care are the main economic drivers of New York.

Starting a new business in New York can be challenging, especially for small players. However, companies offering SEO services in New York can help new small businesses compete with big companies. 

SEO companies offer services that can help make businesses profitable by optimising their websites. It is important to optimise your website because it helps bring in clients. Here are the services they offer that are useful to any business:

Local SEO

If you are a small business that only provides services to a part of New York like Manhattan or Bronx, you need to ramp up your local SEO

Local SEO services in New York help businesses appear in location-related searches. For example, local SEO can help a restaurant show up on the search results if a user types “restaurant near me” on their search engine.

Local SEO is vital because 46% of all Google searches are local. Furthermore, many of these searches are done on mobile phones. Therefore, if you are a wise business owner, you will harness the power of local SEO and optimise your website for mobile users. 

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO matters because 44% of people go to Google first before purchasing. It is also fascinating to note that 37.5% of eCommerce sites’ traffic come from search engines. Also, 23.6% of online purchases are credited to organic traffic. Therefore, your business needs to be optimised if you want customers to buy from you.

This type of SEO concentrates on keyword research, so the right keywords will be used to categorise your products. These keywords must be product-centered and targeted. A dependable SEO service provider can provide you with the right keywords for your products. 

Voice SEO

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular. In 2018, 20% of Google queries were made by voice searches, while Bing registered 25% of its searches to be voice queries. So, if you want your business’ website to be on top of the search results, you need to optimise it for voice searches. 

A reputable SEO company can help you with this. They will optimise your website so results from voice queries will include your site. It is expected that voice SEO will become more popular in the future. 

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SEO Audits

Another service that an SEO company offers is an SEO audit. An SEO audit will analyse how well your website performs. It will give you a list of your best practices, as well as the things you need to improve. 

An SEO audit is significant because it helps identify the issues that surround your website’s organic search performance. By identifying the problems, your team will be able to correct them. 

Anybody can do a website audit. However, SEO companies have experts who have trained eyes that can do the job better. 

These are just some of the specialised services an SEO company provides its clients. If you are one among the many business hopefuls in New York, hiring an SEO company to help you succeed is the best option. They will provide you with SEO services to reach your target audience. 


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