Steps Involved In On-demand Practo Clone App Development


There are instances when people can’t move out of their homes or on the go but require medical attention. Say, for example, think of an emergency when traveling on a long train journey or the lockdown during an outbreak. Such conditions are hard, and it is imperative to seek medical help. Even when visiting a clinic or hospital, think about the long queues and crowded waiting rooms.

With emerging technologies and app development, everything is made possible with just a few clicks. Why not consult a doctor? This caught the eye of many entrepreneurs and led them to build telemedicine apps. 

What Is A Practo App, And How Does It Work?

Practo is a telemedicine app that allows users to consult or book an appointment with a doctor on the go. It is a secure and integrated platform that enables users to connect with the doctor online. 

  • Users can find the top specialists doctors in their preferred location. 
  • The app features doctors of diverse specialisations listed and allows users to choose a particular specialist and book an appointment quickly with just a few clicks.
  • The doctors can respond based on their availability and schedule the appointment.
  • Once the consultation is successfully over, the users can pay the fee using any one of the multiple payment methods integrated with the app.

Stats About Practo App

  • has more than one million doctors listed in over 310 Indian towns and cities, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Singapore.
  • Every month, over 1.3 million page views and 30,000 appointments are booked, while traffic is rising at a rate of 24 percent per month.
  • Each year, over 10 million electronic patient records are created (doubling every year), over 7.5 million unique patients are treated, and over 7 million appointments are scheduled.

Let’s Discover The Features Of The Practo Clone – The Most Sophisticated App.

The Practo clone app offers different features in each app – patient app, doctor app, admin panel.

Features Of The Patient App

Registration: Allow users to undergo a quick and hassle-free registration process. Also, provide login via social media credentials to quick access.

User profile: Patients can add and edit their personal data anytime and also add medical records for further usage.

Doctor profile: Patients can view the details of doctors, their qualifications, location, availability, and the reviews and ratings given by other users.

Push Notifications: Users get constant alerts with push notifications about the upcoming bookings and other related information. Additionally, users can set alarms to remind them of upcoming appointments.

Advanced search: Users can use the advanced search bar to find a particular doctor from an ocean of options available in the app.

Features Of Doctor App

Intuitive dashboard: Doctors can track the details of upcoming appointments, patient history, etc., in one place.

Doctor profile: Doctors can add their profile details such as their designation and area of expertise for the reference of patients.

Availability toggle: Doctors can set their availability time as per their convenience using the toggle mode.

Accept/ reject appointments: The doctor has the absolute right to accept or reject an appointment based on their availability.

Edit scheduled bookings: The bookings, upon scheduling, can be changed in case of any inconvenience. The dates of booking in the calendar can be adjusted to receive an alert on the right day.

Practo Clone Revenue Model:

Telemedicine apps like Practo can potentially generate colossal money by enabling the following business model.


A part of the doctor’s fee goes to the app owner as a commission after every successful doctor consultation. 

Featured Listings

Doctors can pay an additional fee to show their names on the top of the list. This tends to gain the attention of a large number of users. 

Subscription-based model

Doctors and other healthcare professionals ought to pay a subscription fee to access your telemedicine app or platform on a monthly or yearly basis. This can generate a consistent income for your business.

Shipping fee

 If the app ties up with the pharma companies and sells their products via the app, a shipping fee is applicable based on the customer’s location.

On-demand Doctors App
On-demand Doctors App

Cost Of Developing An App Like Practo

Developing a telemedicine app from the ground up involves a lot of time and a highly skilled app development team. Whereas developing a Practo clone app gives you a head start against your competitors. It also comes at a cost way less when compared to building an app from scratch. Depending upon various features and advancements, the development cost may vary. It is better to develop a telemedicine app using a Practo clone script consisting of highly advanced features and customize it according to your business needs. Practo clone script is a ready-to-launch clone app with high scalability.

Summing up,

Get your hands on creating your own Practo clone app so you can reach new heights in your business quickly. So without any wait, launch a white-labeled Practo clone app available for both iOS and Android. 


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