6 Ways to Improve your Academic Writing Style

ways to improve your writing style

There are two major reasons why people get into the groves of academe. The first is to make their way into a successful career, the other is to gain knowledge. No matter what your cause is, the way to master your writing skill is by good practice and natural talent.

If you are someone who believes that “practice makes a man perfect” then, nothing can stop you from getting into academic writing.

Some people can easily grab the concept of a subject/topic but cannot express it on paper.
For these individuals writing is a battle field since they are bad at expressing their thoughts. For others writing is like breathing. Simple and easy. They are natural writers, gifted with a composer’s mind.

But don’t sweat it. Fortunately there are many ways you can improve your academic writing style. Let’s have look into these, shall we?

Academic Writing

Reading is essential

“When you read, you live different lives in one”

No matter what kind of material you write, be it an essay, dissertation or research paper. You need good amount of information on writing style. Read 30 minutes after waking up and 30 minutes before sleeping, this is the time when your brain is absorbing the most information.
When you make the habit of reading every day, you will naturally notice and learn the different writing styles. Or who knows, you might be able to create your style. How do you think the biggest authors achieved their reputations? It was their unique writing styles that made their story rare and spectacular.

Work those fingers

“Writing every day, keeps the demons away”

Have you ever heard that the best way to cope with bad situations is to write them down on a piece of paper? The way cycling, swimming, and jogging keep your body young. The same way writing every day keeps your mind at ease and healthy. Your words are the beautiful thoughts that collect in your mind, waiting to be pinned down. Therefore, do not hesitate to write daily, keep a journal a diary, or a pen pal. Anything that will get you writing.

 The writing habit will benefit you as an academic writer in many ways. Always choose topics that push you out of your comfort zone. So that the next time you have to write a topic you are not familiar with in your academic life, you are not overwhelmed.

Concise explanations

“Choose sentences that express and impress, don’t stuff in words.”

Over-explaining is a real thing. When an amateur starts to write an essay or paper, they either end up writing more than required or just not enough. When you want your written material to speak for you, there should be clarity in your structure.

  No one can read your mind therefore do not assume that they can understand everything you know. You need to build the structure and write it down to justify your thoughts. Do you know how to improve your writing skills? Follow the list below to get the general idea.

  • You need to sit down and brainstorm.
  • Do a good amount of research.
  • Understand the writing format.
  • Make a proper outline of the topic.
  • Clear all the queries for accuracy.  

And there you have it, if you follow these steps there should be no reason why you can’t write like a professional.

Clear-cut information

“Clear writing comes from clear thinking, think simple”

The data you are providing in your material should be accurate, precise, and well analyzed. Nothing you write should be vague and difficult to read. Have you gone through an essay and thought about what the author is on about? You can barely finish the introduction. The information doesn’t amuse you or the writing style impresses you. What is differentiates a good paper from a bad one? 

 The answer is pretty simple if you think about it, the information was either incorrect, the words were difficult to read, the pattern and construction were completely off. 

 These are the main reasons why usually stop reading. On average a reader will spend 16 seconds on your introduction, and decide if they want to read any further. 
For example:
Inadequate writing “The step mother was mean to Snow White”
Explanatory writing “The step mother was jealous of Snow White’s beauty and grace. It caused her to hate her step-daughter.”

Editing and proofreading

“Do not regret your mistakes, embrace them like lessons”

You should always proofread. Do not submit anything without proofreading the material several times. If necessary, send it to a friend or supervisor to proofread it for you. A new set of eyes will improve your writing skills a lot.

 There is no way of writing wrong unless you make grammatical mistakes. But writers have their perspective for writing. If you think that you are falling into the same pattern in every report or essay, then you should ask someone to detect that for you.

 Editing sessions should be done many times. As your professors or teachers will have certain demands as you send in a draft.

 Most teachers do not accept assignments and thesis without several drafts. Because they took help from any custom thesis writing services that’s why they don’t accept it. They want to ensure that you improve your writing skills and structure the coursework, the way that they want.

Relax, sit down and write

“The more you stress about the little things, the more difficult your work will be”

You need to relax and take a deep breath before you sit down to write. Do not stress over the thought of not accomplishing the task. When you sweat the little things, any work becomes harder to do. Make sure you have a good spot. A place without distractions. If you do not have a designated place to sit and write, you will end up procrastinating.
Make sure to have all the resources you will require to write. Your course books and past papers. Create a comfortable environment and start typing away.

Experts Opinion:


“Your experience matters, your thoughts are important, and your deductions are valued”

When you write an informative essay or paper, make sure to put in your personal experiences. This is a great way to make your written material unique. What do you think your readers wants? They want to relate with you.
They want to feel a belonging and comfort they read your work. Nobody just wants to get information without thinking “this has happened to someone else as well”. Everybody wants to feel normal and relatable. Therefore, adding your own experience in the mix will benefit your readers and you as well. Good writing skills are those that can make your readers ponder over the subject for many hours later. You need to get their attention in the best manner. You can do that by increasing the engaging factor.

For example:

Inadequate writing “The rise of COVID-19 lockdown has caused many individuals to feel the frustration”

Personalized statement “The rise of COVID-19 lockdown has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. In my opinion it feels like people feel abandoned and lonely”

So what did you think about these ways of improving your writing skills? Did you find these tips and ways useful? Use these steps to achieve success. Good Luck!


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