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Boilers are one of the common appliances found in every house. As they have very few parts compared to other home appliances, the chances of wear and tear are less, and therefore they last long. However, this doesn’t mean that the boiler of your home will work flawlessly for years. Due to regular use, it also needs regular servicing and proper maintenance.

Boilers are among the most dependable heating systems available to homeowners. Because they use fewer moving parts than furnaces or heat pumps, boilers accumulate less wear and tear and in general the last longer. 

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How do you know when your boiler needs repair?

In the absence of which its parts may damage and, you may need to repair them. Interestingly, the parts of the tank do not stop or break suddenly. Before creating any problem, it starts sending you alerts that there is a need to pay attention to its maintenance and a particular part needs a repair.

Boilers are built to last, and being quick to react to problems will help improve their longevity. Be aware of your heating system and take notes of any irregularities and signs you may need boiler repairs, such as the issues we’ve listed below.

Some of the alerts which a boiler sends before its failure are:


A small hole in the tank is enough to affect its performance. For this, a tank is designed to stop the leakage of water from any of the pipes. If you notice water coming out from its tank, don’t ignore it. A small leakage increases the chances of severe damage. An expert boiler repair service provider in Maidenhead will seal the holes and stop the water from pipes. 

Rattling Sounds

If you listen to rattling sounds coming from the boiler it is possible that you will feel threatened. Well, there is no need to be scared. It will not explode the boiler. So just an indication that something is going wrong with the boiler. It is possible that it may be due to any defect in the circulating pump inside the boiler. As it is one of the important components of the boiler, it needs to be inspected by an expert plumber. If this sound is coming inside the boiler tank, then it indicates that something has developed inside the tank, due to which it is overheating. Due to overheating there is a decline in the performance of the boiler.

Poor Heating

If you are using a boiler for a long time, then you know how long time it takes to heat your home. Then you notice that it is taking a long time in heating the home that means there is an issue with its circulation system. If the boiler at your home is quite older say 15 to 20 years old, then it needs to be replaced. If the same problem happens with a new boiler or which is not too older, then a plumber can easily detect the issue. 

High Electricity Bill

If you are not able to detect any symptoms of poor performance by your boiler, then you need to check your electricity bill. If there is a sudden hike in your electricity bill, then it is time to consider all the reasons that may be responsible for increasing your electricity bill. At that time you will notice that the tanker is not heating the room properly as it did earlier. In short, a hike in the electricity bill is also one of the symptoms that your boiler needs repair. 

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Unusual Smell

An unusual smell from the boiler also indicates the need for repair. If you notice the smell of plastic burning or something very pungent then it may be due to a problem in its circuits. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs then this may be due to gas leakage. This can be hazardous if ignored for a long time. At that time before calling a plumber for a repair, you need to call the gas company for detecting the gas leakage and seal it to avoid any accident. 

No matter what troubling signs your boiler is exhibiting, contact Heat Care South Ltd. For your boiler repair and maintenance needs.


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