Interesting Applications That Will Help You in Completing Your Tasks


A new day brings a new set of tasks. Some of them pique my curiosity more than others. Nonetheless, the significance of performing these chores cannot be overstated, mainly if they accumulate regularly.

Usually, we are either successful in completing a specified amount of chores on time or fail horribly. Although the success rate depends on a variety of circumstances, there is one consistent feature that may be found in various use scenarios. To-do list applications are an excellent example of this.

There are a plethora of so-called “best to-do list applications” that claim to make life simpler by the book writing team.


nTask is one of the most effective task management solutions for both individuals and groups. When it comes to task completion, nTask distinguishes out from the pack with its simple, user-friendly GUI that allows you to explore a comprehensive collection of capabilities.

Activities and subtasks can be created and schedule as one-time or recurring tasks

Project management tools like progress reports, deadlines and Gantt Charts help you stay on track. With sophisticated search and filter capabilities, nTask enables you to save time. You may look for assignments, projects, and meetings, among other things. There are also pre-saved filters to save time and effort on the part of the end-user.

This software also keeps you and your team on track with reminders and notifications, so you’re always up to date. 


Todoist has grown in popularity over time and has considerably expanded to include more sophisticated capabilities. Tasks, subtasks, dependencies, and projects and subprojects may all creation, organize, and prioritize.

To keep track of tasks, you may name them, personalize them with color codes, and set due dates. Smart Schedule, an AI-powered tool included with Todoist, is a standout feature.

As mentioned by ebook marketing experts the applications Smart Schedule feature provides the best dates for scheduling and rescheduling chores.  

Plus, Todoist Karma rewards you with points for completing tasks, using advanced tools, and reaching weekly and monthly productivity objectives. Graphs with different colored projects can use to track your progress.

Microsoft To-Do:

The Microsoft To-Do is yet another excellent to-do list applications. Microsoft To-Do, created by the same team as Wunderlist, is cloud-based and fully integrated with Office 365. It allows you to create tasks from scratch and import tasks from other applications such as Wunderlist and Outlook.

It is handy if you need to continue working on special activities without redoing your whole to-do list. To keep track of work, you may personalize task list presentations with themes and colors, categorize and prioritize actions, add comments, and create reminders.

The My Day list gives you quick access to the chores that need to do that day. 


TeuxDeux (pronounced “To Do”) is a French word that means “two.” This to-do list software, dubbed “the most beautiful to-do list on the web,” allows you to visually see what has to be done. You may make a to-do list and then rearrange it on the calendar.

The tasks may be typed down in any location and dragged and dropped into other lists afterward. If you can’t finish a job on a given day, TeuxDeux automatically moves it to the following day’s list. You may also set tasks to repeat themselves daily. 

It also supports Markdown, which is a neat feature. This is an excellent tool for making lists and sharing them with others if you are picky about text types and presentation styles.

TeuxDeux allows up to six family members to share the application. As a result, you may access your to-do lists at any moment. Your lists are also yours to keep. 

Any. Do: is one of the most user-friendly programs for creating and managing to-do lists. It’s made up of primary task and subtask folders that make it easy to create and mark tasks when it’s done. For files, the program has a simple drag-and-drop option. The application’s voice-entry functionality is particularly intriguing.

This software is for you if you dislike typing large to-do lists and prefer to talk instead. is a virtual personal assistant that allows you to build a to-do list of activities simply speaking into your smartphone. It then produces your tasks for you.

The application’s UI/UX design is effortless to understand and assists the user in rapidly grasping the purpose. 


ToodleDo is another excellent to-do list software that made our list. This software focuses mainly on task management and allows you to organize your to-dos most and efficiently possible. You may add numerous subtasks, notes, and priority levels, as well as other essential information, under each task. 

ToodleDo, in addition to lists, assists in work management by producing an outline 

Although it is mainly used for task management, it also has several other intriguing functions. The tracking of behaviors is one of them. You may track numerous behaviors at once and enhance your daily routine by keeping track of the dos and don’ts. You may monitor your progress in days using Habits, which comes with a calendar. 


This program is designed for the gamer in all of us. Habitica provides a unique experience for its consumers. The software turns your everyday tasks into a role-playing game in which you may receive rewards at the end (exciting, right?).

This lighthearted approach to task management encourages you to accomplish assignments on time and pushes you to achieve more to advance your character.

You may customize your character, earn awards, purchase gear, and finish your to-do list all at the same time. Alternatively, if you miss deadlines or fail to complete chores, your health will suffer, and your character stagnate.

If you’re searching for a robust, serious work management solution but don’t like games, Habitica might not be the best option.


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