Here Are The Different Types Of Architects You Need To Know About


For most people, the love for architecture starts from the very childhood while playing with lego. It is an aspiration for many people to become an architect; the job role is exciting and the right place to put the imagination into reality. However, you can’t just get the degree and start creating the building; you also have to decide on the specialty.

Architecture continues to provide holistic, technical, and innovative design solutions. It is slowly taking over the world’s creating history with beautiful and unique smart-tech designs known worldwide.

If you also want to be a part of this happening industry, continue reading as the expert Architects in Phoenix walk you through the possible options with this blog!

Here are the types of architects you need to know about:

Residential Architects

As the name suggests, architects strictly work on building residential complexes or designing homes. They deal with the clients directly. There are no contractors, fabricators, or external owners involved.

The responsibility is huge as figuring out the cost, acknowledging the client’s wish, and executing the best design are all taken care of by one person.

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Commercial Architects

Commercial architects only work on projects for commercial purposes such as schools, hospitals, museums, government buildings, offices, and bridges. This is considered an essential branch of architecture as it brings in a huge project with good investment and better results. Architects in Phoenix do a great job when it comes to commercial architects.

Landscape architects

This style is different, as it mainly focuses on designing outdoor spaces. These include parks and gardens. College campus, race tracks. For a specialization in this, you need to have detailed knowledge about the type of plants and environment in general. Some people find this form of architecture a little different than others.

Interior Design architects

As the name suggests, these types of architects deal with interior designing of the building to look as good as possible. But the inside matters. So this creates a significant impact on the overall look of the project.

It is considered to be one of the most respected specializations in architecture. It is best suited for people who have an eye for detail.

Urban Design Architects

This involves great responsibility as the project is enormous. It generally creates an entire neighborhood, most likely a little community. The layout for the whole of the project is done by pre-fabrication.

The planning needs to be done in minute detail, and each step has to be verified and executed extremely carefully; otherwise, the entire project might mismatch. Architect in Phoenix suggest that it is a great idea to stick to urban designs as it gives you the best of comfort, convenience, and smart appeal!

Green Design Architects

As the name suggests, architects who are miraculously working towards creating a better planet by bringing in more greenery in the home are called green design architects. This is because they are responsible for finding sustainable methods for executing more minor things.


Although you can combine your skills with your talent to find a suitable specialization for you. Based on it, you can also choose the degree type that matches your preference. With this, we wish you all the best!


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