The Perfect Bed mattress: 5 Tips to Improve Your Sleeping Condition


Consider all the things that can disrupt your sleep, such as body ache, humidity, and having an uneven, dusty, and old mattress. Understandably, getting a good night’s rest can be difficult. Even if you can’t change the things that disturb your slumber, you can learn new ways that make it easier to get a good night’s sleep. The best way to start is to purchase a new mattress.

The length and quality of your sleep have a direct impact on your physical and emotional well-being. If you don’t meet your goals, your daily energy, performance, and emotional stability suffer.  Invest in a new mattress for better sleep. If you are unsure about how to do so,  keep reading. 

Choose a Size That Fits Your Needs

Different sizes of mattresses are available to serve your needs. Know the right size that can fit your room. Choose one that is not too small nor too big to avoid an ill-fitting mattress, which can be less helpful.  If you sleep with a partner or a family member, you will also have to consider it when you buy the best mattress for you.

If you have someone with whom you’ll be sharing the mattress, it is essential to have a conversation about their preferences and compare it to yours. Make a list to help you decide and decide on a mattress size that is beneficial for both of you. Here are the standard sizes for mattresses in the market.

Size Measurement
Crib 28×52 inches
Twin 38×75 inches
Twin XL 38×80 inches
Full 54×75 inches 
Queen 60×80 inches
King  76×80 inches
California King  72×84 inches


Know Your Type

Choosing whichever mattress type is ideal for you is a common dilemma for people throughout the purchasing process. There isn’t a mattress out there that will gratify everyone to the same degree. However, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of various types before going shopping can provide some guidance.

Mattresses can be classified into four different categories based on their pros and cons. The type of mattress that’s right for you is entirely dependent on what attributes are most important to you in a mattress. If you sleep hot, look for a mattress with thermal regulation and breathable features. A pressure-relieving or contouring mattress may be required instead by those who suffer from back discomfort.


The foundation base of innerspring mattresses is reinforced with spring coils and a polyfoam cushioning layer. The springs are important to maintain the mattress cooled by distributing weight evenly throughout the surface. Most aren’t very long-lasting, and some may find that they don’t give adequate body support.


High-density polyfoam or memory foam is always used as the foundation and base material. When it comes to body sculpting, foam mattresses are unmatched. They also perform well in terms of pressure reduction and movement isolation. The downsides to these beds include that some people find that they sleep warm and inadequate side support.


These mattresses combine the advantages of both polyurethane and innerspring mattresses. An actual hybrid mattress features a layer of foam over the coils, providing extra cushioning and pressure reduction. They also decrease motion transfer more than a standard innerspring mattress, generating more ventilation than a foam bed.


Latex is made from the sap of a rubber tree that is strong, flexible, and airy. Although the material fits well into your body, it won’t provide the same comfort level as memory foam. These mattresses are quite expensive, and most products tend to sag mainly in the corners.

Invest but Dont Overspend 

The cost of a mattress varies depending on the type. If you are worried about the price of the mattress, you can use the table below to find a mattress type that is within your budget. On average, a mattress costs about $300. Choose a high-quality mattress, and remember that a good quality product is not always the most expensive. 

Mattress Type Price
Innerspring $325-$1,400
Foam $450-$5,000
Hybrid $100-$2,500
Latex $250-$4,000

Ask Around

If you are still unsure despite your intensive research, try to contact your friends and family and ask them about their opinion. They may have an experience that you can learn from and gather your thoughts from there.

Reading product reviews can also help you decide. Most customers leave a review about the product, and from there, you can have first-hand detail of their experiences. It can help you avoid buying the wrong product and save your time and effort if you have to return the item.

Read the Fine Print

All mattresses should have the required standard warranty.  This warranty safeguards consumers if a defective product is delivered to them. Before making a mattress purchase, be sure to read the warranty details.

In the event of a problem, a warranty will ensure that the item will be fixed as soon as possible and is free of charge. Typical mattress warranties last from five to twenty years, depending on the manufacturer and retailer.


To have a deep slumber, invest in the furniture that is frequently used for sleeping. A good-quality mattress will alleviate body pain and will have you sleeping like a baby throughout the night. Remember to follow the tips to ensure a successful transaction. 


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