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Dreams, hobbies, likes, and dislikes of every person in the world are different. Sometimes one’s likes are disliked by others. And one’s dislike has become someone else’s priority. Everyone has their own life. We can not force them to do the right thing or to stay away from the wrong things. As technology is getting more and more advanced. So the advancement of technology provides some benefits and also gives some disadvantages. In this article, I will reveal one of the image posting platforms. Some people love to post their different images nowadays. Clicking images daily now becomes a trend. People love to click pictures on different occasions. And some of them also like to post these images on different social media. Facebook and Instagram are some of those Social media which are plentifully used for this purpose. But this article is on another social site. That is pimpandhost. In this article, you might know about what pimpandhost is? And top ten alternatives for pimpandhost.

What is pimpandhost?

Pimpandhost website is well known for its bawdy and offensive content. This website indeed allows its users to upload their images. But it also supports vulgar and offensive content. There are different features provided by Pimpandhost. But if you want to use this site you have to register your account on this site. You can both upload and download videos and photos. This is mostly used by youngsters. Most of the youngsters use this site because it contains sexual content. But it only allows 18 plus to use this site. Children are not allowed to access this. But most of the search engines do not support this site. If you want to access this site through Google or Bing you will not be successful in your efforts because these search engines do not support this site. Moreover, it has very useful features for its users.

Different features of pimpandhost.

If we talk about the features of pimpandhost then you will find a prolonged list of its features. The following are some of its features.

  1. Creating an album
  2. Photos editing
  3. Wide variety of photo formats
  4. Fast processing speed
  5. Safe and secure 
  6. Allow Sharing GIF
  7. Webcam

Can I get access to pimpandhost 2021?

This site supports abusive content that is not for every age group. Especially for children, this is not safe at any most popular search engines like Bing and Google stop listing it up just because of its harsh content. Harsh in the sense of children. Now here is a question that may come to your mind, is this site is blocked from anywhere so the answer is no it was blocked many times but now all over the world it is not blocked but some countries do not allow such a bold website. Children should stay away from this site. But there is no doubt that this site has amazing features.

Top 10 alternatives for pimpandhost. 

  1. SmugMug
  2. Google Images
  4. About Dropbox
  5. With TinyPic
  6. Archive. Today 
  7. Pixelway 


SmugMug is a paid photos and videos sharing website. You can use this as an alternative for pimpandhost. It has four plans. You have to buy one of them if you want to enjoy the different features of different plans. The names of these plans are Basic, power, portfolio, and pro. When you buy any of them you have to choose available essential photo features. These features are unlimited photo storage, personalized photo website, custom domain name, Theft, and misuse protection, photo selling tools, and client and event management. You might choose according to your need. The basic plan feature is as follows.

  • Unlimited, full-resolution storage
  • A personalized photo website
  • Detailed privacy and security controls
  • Free desktop and mobile apps
  • 24/7 support from real humans

You have to pay 7 dollars for a month and if you want a yearly subscription you will have to pay 55 dollars. Power is the second plan of SmugMug. Some features of this plan are as follows.

  • Drag and drop design tools and templates
  • Complete website customization
  • Advanced privacy and security controls
  • Personalized domain name

If you want to buy this plan for a month then you will have to pay 11 dollars but for a yearly subscription 85 dollars are needed. And the plus point is that power also contains all the features of the basic plan. The third plan is the portfolio. This is a little bit expensive. You have to pay almost 27 dollars for a monthly subscription but it charges 200 dollars for a year. Some features of this plan are as follows.

  •  Integrated sales and fulfill tools
  • Watermark protection

It also includes all features of the power plan.

Now the last plan of Smugmug is pro. You have to pay 42 dollars for a month and 360 dollars for a year. It also includes all the features of the portfolio plan. Following are some of its features.

  • Custom photo and gallery pricing
  • Client management tools
  • Marketing promotions, coupons, and packages

Google images

This is the safest platform for you if you want an alternative to pimpandhost. It was launched in 2015. It can store and share videos and photos etc. It works on both iOS and Android devices. It provides you unlimited storage access for free. It provides you various features 

  • Create Photo collection 
  • grouping together pictures
  • There is a print option available also
  • upload new photos
  • collages
  • animations
  • albums
  • Editing

This website is similar to pimpandhost. Users need to pay any money to use this site. This is a file-sharing site. 

About Dropbox 

Dropbox can be used to store different files, photos, and videos. You can also share the stored data on it with anyone you want. It has advanced sharing features so you can share small as well as large files with your friends and family. You can get access to the data stored on Dropbox from anywhere and at any time. Its different features are as follows.

  • Automatically upload videos and photos.
  • Access any file in your account even when you are offline.
  • Easily send large files
  • Scan documents, receipts, IDs, photos.
  • transform any document into high-quality PDFs.
  • Sync folders
  • history and file recovery.

It will prove the best alternative to pimpandhost. If you want to use it then go to the play store and download it.

With TinyPic

Photobucket is an American online community-owned photo and video sharing service that allows users to upload videos and photos and links. It can also be used as an alternative to pimpandhost.

Archive. Today

It was developed to store snapshots of web pages. Its different features are as follows.

  • capture individual pages
  • Records only text and images
  • Web pages cannot be duplicated

But this site is blocked in Australia.


This website also contains mind-blowing features. Which will be proved as the best alternative to pimpandhost. If you are interested or not, you should try this at least once. 


Another useful site that can be used as an alternative to pimpandhost. Its features are not better than pimpandhost but you will use it as an alternative.

This site contains data on different topics. These topics might be health and wellness nature, people, Experimental, Architecture, Business and work, current events, fashion, food and drink, film, interiors, street photography, Technology, Textures & Patterns, Travel, COVID-19, Animals, Athletics, Spirituality, Arts & Culture, Liquid Macro Abstracts, Fill the Frame, Bokeh, Work, Relationship, Friends, Family, Me Time, and History. This website is one of the most beautiful sites mentioned above. It is a free photo-sharing site. If called this site as a GOD gifted site then this name will be perfect for it.   

Last but not least this site also has beneficial features. This is also a free image hosting site in HTTPS or HTTP. This website also allows unlimited JPG, PNG, and GIF image hosting, sharing, and uploading service for forums and blogs. Its different features are as follows.

  • Multiple image uploading
  • drag and drop
  • image links
  • image galleries
  • BBCode
  • HTML thumbnails

And some terms of services are as follows

  • Upload
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy
  • Legal Policy
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Indemnity
  • Refund Policy
  • Maintenance


As we all know that everything has a negative side Whether it’s a human or a website. And this site has negative points. One of the main bad points about this site is that it contains content that is suitable for youngsters. But that same content is not safe for children’s mental health. If somehow any child is successful in getting access to this site then he will go in the wrong direction. He easily became an addict to this site. This is also not good for his other activities. Above I give the top 10 alternatives that you can use in place of pimpandhost. Some people still want to get access to pimpandhost. It is your choice if you want to get access only to pimpandhost, then you might use any VPN but it is not a legal way. if you need more interesting articles read at Know Shunt


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