Women with beautiful nails should be careful from nail polish remover


For girls who like to paint nails Nail polish remover is another indispensable tool to transform and clean your nails to look as beautiful as you want. However, these potions can cause more harm to users than you think. Because there may be a mixture of some chemicals that can adversely affect the body.

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Many people may not be aware of acetone, which is found naturally in trees, soil surfaces, cigarette smoke, or car exhaust. and mixed in some types of utensils like varnish cleanser including nail polish remover By acetone, it looks like a liquid. have a specific smell Evaporates quickly when exposed to air. sensitive to flammability and can be used as a solvent If the right amount of this product is used is not a problem, but too much can cause health problems.

The dangers of nail polish remover and basic self-care methods

Although the outside looks like a clear liquid, normal and innocuous. But some nail polish removers contain acetone that has a negative effect on our health in many ways, such as:

Acetone poisoning

Normally, our body will metabolize sugar into energy for the body. But if there is insufficient amount of sugar The body will turn to burn the stored fat as an alternative source of energy or is. Ketone bodies (Ketone Bodies) that contain acetone as the main compound. However, acetone that accumulates in the body in large quantities can cause health hazards. Because when the amount of acetone increases too much, it may lead to acetone poisoning. Especially those in high-risk groups such as people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes or those who fast for a long time.

Although this condition is difficult to find Because the body can get rid of such substances naturally. But if too much exposure into the body can cause headaches, slurred speech, lethargy, organs in the body do not work in harmony. or feel the sweet taste in the mouth. It can also lead to severe symptoms such as coma, low blood pressure, unconsciousness, or death.

inhaling nail polish remover

Using acetone-containing nail polish removers in enclosed or poorly ventilated areas, even for a short time, can cause us to inhale too much of the vapors and cause eye irritation. nose, throat, or lungs, headache and tiredness, dizziness, cough, nausea, vomiting, irregular menstruation. Faster pulse, confusion, like passing out, unconscious, and coma.

swallowing nail polish remover

I believe that many people use nail polish remover the right way. But sometimes it may be stored in the wrong place. And most of the packaging is easy to open or may not have a product label on it. Therefore, it can be easily misunderstood and taken into the mouth especially by children. Even swallowing a small amount of acetone nail polish remover does not usually cause any side effects. But if swallowed in large quantities, it can result in gastrointestinal irritation, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, or unconsciousness.

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touching nail polish remover

In general, even small amounts of the acetone in nail polish removers absorbed into the skin can cause dryness, cracking, or redness. However, prolonged exposure to this substance may cause severe irritation or inflammation of the skin. Moreover Acetone vapors also affect the eyes. cause eye irritation, eye pain, red eyes, watery eyes

In addition, some animal research suggests that Long-term exposure to acetone can be dangerous in many ways. Either the nerves, liver or kidneys are damaged. Increased risk of birth defects or make males more infertile

After knowing the dangers of nail polish remover The next priority to help relieve symptoms before it’s too late is acetone first aid:

– Acetone poisoning: Although there is no specific treatment for this condition, Emphasis on symptom relief. Because the body will deal with acidity from acetone by breathing more often. But the patient should see a doctor. to monitor for symptoms or get additional help, such as intubation or saline

– Inhale or swallow acetone nail polish remover: Move patients to a well-ventilated area. or rinse your mouth with clean water If it still doesn’t get better or feels worse, you should be taken to the hospital.

– Contact with nail polish remover containing acetone: Remove clothing, shoes or belts that have been contaminated with nail polish remover. Then clean the skin with soap and water for about 5 minutes. In case of contact with the eyes, allow water to flow through the eyes for at least 15-20 minutes, even if contact lenses are worn, should not be removed first. If your eyes still feel sick, swollen, painful, or irritated should be taken to the hospital to see a doctor

Using nail polish remover safely

Anyone can accidentally swallow, touch or inhale acetone-containing nail polish remover unconsciously at any time. When using or storing nail polish remover safely, you need to be careful according to the following instructions.

– If you want to use nail polish remover It should be in a well-ventilated and well-ventilated area.

– Wear a mask to reduce inhalation of nail polish remover Always wear safety glasses to prevent liquid splashing into your eyes. and wash your hands thoroughly after each use

– Buy a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. The packaging is sturdy and of good quality. difficult to break

– Keep the nail polish remover away from children and pets. including flame or heater to prevent ignition

Finally, if the use of nail polish remover results in any other malfunctions. The patient should see a doctor. for a thorough diagnosis and appropriate treatment



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